University of Alabama (Capstone School of Nursing)

  1. Hey everyone - I was just curious how many people actually got into the NP programs at Alabama. I love that they have the dual program for FNP and PMHNP - that's a great option. Does anyone know of any other schools with a dual program like that?

    My real question is: I'm currently applying for the fall and i'm getting a bit nervous. I have great grades, GPA, and a decent GRE. I have 2 years experience. Great recommendation letters. However, my recommendation letters have to be sent from personal emails due to work blocking all sites not affiliated with our hospital and you can't access the e-mail at home - so if this was sent to them at work, they couldn't fill out the recommendation because of that. On the page regarding the recommendation letter, it specifically says it can not come from personal e-mails, but what can I do to get around this??

    Do you know if they actually contacted your recommendation letter providers or no?

    Also, what is everyone's thoughts on the program? Anyone currently enrolled?
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  3. by   KariZayBSN
    Do a search of UAB FNP and a lot of threads come up. I'm interested in this program too and I found a lot of answers in other threads.:-)
  4. by   scarykarrey
    University of Alabama and UAB are two different schools.
  5. by   KariZayBSN
    Oh my bad
  6. by   lv2learn
    Hi Ashleigh,
    Do you live in Alabama? I was recently told by a representative from the school of nursing at University of Alabama that they only have 18 spots available and that, due to cross state issues, they will not be allowing entrance from any student that resides outside of their state. It's really crappy, because nowhere on their website does it state that you have to be an Alabama residence to be accepted. They said that they hope to get things "worked out" for next year. I only wish I'd known before I wasted my time and money applying.
  7. by   LittleMissVixen410
    Lv2learn - I wasn't ever told that and I've had correspondence with the dean of nursing. I do not live in Alabama. Hmm..
  8. by   HGRRN
    Did you get into the program? I just got accepted for the Fall 2014, but I can't find any input from anyone who has actually been in the program.
  9. by   nursecrystarn
    Hi everyone,
    For anyone that can help in answering my questions it would be greatly appreciated.

    I am interested in attending the University of South Alabama in the Fall of 2015. I have applied to the program in hopes of being accepted. I have a few questions and concerns for anyone who knows a little about this program.
    1. How competitive is it to be accepted into the program?
    2. I have heard some not so good things concerning the Family NP program at USA, though the information read on here is out dated, would the feelings be mutual concerning the Adult/Gero primary care NP program?
    3. I am currently working full-time 40hrs/week. Do you think it would be feasible to work full-time while also pursing this program on the full-time curriculum? (Not concerned about making the clinical hours, just concerned about the class time needed)