UAB FNP Summer 2017

  1. HI everyone! I am applying for the UAB FNP program for the Summer 2017 admission. Just wanted to get a page started for all that were applying so that we can keep each other motivated. Good luck to everyone
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   TJERRN0222
    I applied to the pediatric dual NP program as well as the FNP program for summer 2017. I wonder when we'll hear back about it? I know it's still very early, but the wait is going to be tough if they don't tell us until spring time next year!
  5. by   agirl2014
    How exciting! Did you pick a secondary option? And from previous threads, those that applied for Summer admission found out if they were accepted in December. The anticipation is driving me crazy lol!
  6. by   amdstrots
    I am currently writing my Essay and will be officially done with my application by the end of this weekend. I am applying to the PMHNP program for Summer 2017. How was everyone else's essays? I am finding having to use APA and journal articles in a personal essay a bit more difficult.
  7. by   agirl2014
    Amdstrots I actually struggled with my essay. I think what I struggled with most was incorporating EBP into my essay, and having an 800-word limit! I found myself having to limit what I truly wanted to say just to be sure that I stayed within that word count.
  8. by   katelyn6485
    I applied for Summer 2017 FNP and chose a secondary option of gerontology acute care. I have almost 4 years experience in CVICU. But I do not know what is the most heavily weighted item in the application process. Does anybody know? Hoping to hear back ASAP, anticipation is torture!
  9. by   agirl2014
    Hey Katelyn6485, I am not which is the most heavily weighted item in the application process. I do know from reading previous threads that they said GPA was only a small part considered but they really do put a lot into letters of recommendations and the essay.
  10. by   KDUB2017
    I've applied for the FNP Program as well with a secondary option as a AGNP for the summer 2017. I am a little anxious about it because I don't have as much experience as everyone else but my GPA is great and references are great. Today was the deadline to turn in our apps! Now the wait begins..... Already impatient and anxious!! I've read on previous forums that people do not find out if they are accepted or not until the middle of DECEMBER!!!! That seems so far away!
  11. by   agirl2014
    Hey KDUB2017, how much experience do you have if you don't mind me asking? And yes, today is the last day for turning in applications! One semester that extended the deadline, so I'm not sure if the same will happen this time. December does seem like so far away, I hope I don't drive myself crazy before then!
  12. by   KDUB2017
    I'd drive myself crazy if they extended the deadline too, I hope we don't have to wait that long before we find out. I have about a year and a half of experience. I hope that is enough to be considered. What about you?
  13. by   agirl2014
    @KDUB2017 I have almost 3 years experience! Did you pick a sub-specialty or did you do just FNP and AGNP?
  14. by   Product
    It looks like last year ppl had letters by mid late November.