UAB FNP Summer 2017 - page 5

HI everyone! I am applying for the UAB FNP program for the Summer 2017 admission. Just wanted to get a page started for all that were applying so that we can keep each other motivated. Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   CharB.RN
    Nope... Says you have to be a student... Won't let me get one..
  2. by   agirl2014
    Hmmm, maybe they have changed the rules. If you look at the thread for UAB Summer 2016, people were able to register for an ID, they just weren't able to actually access Blazernet until they were admitted.
  3. by   NicuRN24
    I haven't been able to get an ID either.. I was under the impression that you had to be accepted or a student to even get an ID!
  4. by   agirl2014
    Any update or changes anyone?
  5. by   katelyn6485
    Not for me-still getting the error message. Has anyone tried reaching out to them? I saw in past posts they did and were told that decision letters were either being mailed soon or two weeks from then etc.
  6. by   agirl2014
    Well I just sent an email, so I will update you when I get a reply back!
  7. by   agirl2014
    Okay I received an email back VERY quickly. It states "They will be mailed out within a week and a half. Decisions should be in before the holidays."
  8. by   Brookie899
  9. by   katelyn6485
    This wait seems like forever..if that's the case and from looking at previous posts we hopefully should be able to log into blazernet by the beginning of next week maybe?? (If we were accepted)
  10. by   agirl2014
    I know!! CRAZY
  11. by   agirl2014
    Has anybody been able to log into Blazernet and see any changes?
  12. by   katelyn6485
    Still getting the error message here
  13. by   JPtravelRN
    Hey guys!

    Anxiously awaiting as well. I applied to the Psych NP, with the Psych NP/Pallative care Sub speciality as my second choice. I have about 3 years of LPN experience and 1.5 years of RN experience at the VA hospital. Im currently completing my BSN MOBILITY at UAB. I'm like super anxious awaiting results. I really don't think my app is strong enough to get in. My GPA Isn't strong. I had to take the MAT and only scored a 397 on that. My references are solid though. I did apply for Troy and Samford FNP though as secondary options.