TN RODP FNP- Summer 2014

  1. I was just accepted into the summer session of the FNP program (home school MTSU). Is there a Facebook group started for this or any previous semesters?
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  3. by   Nurse Allie
    Quote from tlwrntn
    I was just accepted into the summer session of the FNP program (home school MTSU). Is there a Facebook group started for this or any previous semesters?
    Congrats on your acceptance! I am in my second semester for FNP through ETSU. I don't know of a fb page but if you find one, please let me know! I'd love to join as well.
  4. by   tnrn85
    Hello, tlwrntn! I will also be starting in the Summer! Will you be attending FT or PT? What classes are you taking?
  5. by   tlwrntn
    TNRN85, I will be going part time. I just registered yesterday for Theory and Research in the summer and Policy and Pathophysiology for the fall. What are you taking?

  6. by   tnrn85
    I will be taking Theory, Research, and Assessment. I was planning on going full time, but I'm little nervous now that I've signed up. So I may drop a class and take it later. Have you heard anything about the program and classes?
  7. by   tlwrntn
    I haven't heard anything-other than what I have read on this forum. What is your home school? I was pretty freaked out when I realized tuition went up so much this session. I am worried about having time for the two classes, so unless it worked out cheaper (which it didn't) to go full time I will stick with part time. I can't wait to hear what you think of assessment if you take it!
  8. by   tnrn85
    I didn't know the tuition had went up!! Where did you find that at? How much are we paying per hour? I am confused as to how they are explaining the fees online. :/
  9. by   tlwrntn
    OMG, I am so sorry....I was looking at the wrong thing! I had myself all freaked out and it was only after trying to find the page for you that I realized what I was looking at. I was looking at the e-rate for RODP which it says is for out of state students. I found the summer 2014 rate and it's exactly the same as it was for Spring 2014---which is what I had based how much this was going to cost me. I am sorry for freaking you out. Here is the page I found tuition information on What Does it Cost? | Middle Tennessee State University. Looks to me like we are paying approx $500 per semester hour. Don't quote me on any of that though---I am about lost already and this hasn't even started
  10. by   tnrn85
    Ok, good!! Yeah, I thought it was going to be around $500/hr. Did you receive an email today saying that they had changed some of our permits for the following two semesters, and wanted us to drop/add different classes and follow a different plan? I am supposed to take Assessment, Policy, and Theory now. Are you MTSU also?
  11. by   tlwrntn
    I am with MTSU but I didn't get that e-mail. Was it through the office 365 e-mail or that DL2 e-mail (which I never check)? I am with MTSU also!
  12. by   tnrn85
    Mine was through the 365 email. I know someone else who didn't get it either. Weird.
  13. by   tlwrntn
    That makes me nervous...I may e-mail them on Monday if I haven't gotten anything. I don't want to fall through the cracks and end up not having a second class come June
  14. by   sbatteast
    Hello! I have applied to the Tennessee state university FNP program for fall. Did you guys apply through RODP