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  1. Hey all,

    Just to clarify, I have done an exhaustive search on the allnurses boards for what I seek and in the end I have a headache and am even more confused. Here is a not so brief back story and then my request:

    Mid 40's, married, no kids (fur babies only), second career RN. Currently working in a southwestern state in the ER. I am in a MSN Ed program at WGU right now and love it. But education is not what i want to do fulltime. I have >15 years experience in the psych field as a counselor working with every population under the sun.

    I am looking for a post MSN program, entirely online, in MHNP. I absolutely hate online courses with mandatory chit chat with other students. I am looking for a program that requires little, if any, interaction with other students. I would prefer it be a good program, good instructors, and fairly quick paced. At WGU you can complete the programs as fast as you like or as slow as long as you get the required work done before the due date of the class. Love this and it works very well for me. Of course I understand the clinical component will not be self paced. Cost of the program is not an issue. We are looking at underserved areas that are NHSC loan repayment eligible in the Northwest.

    I've looked at a variety of post cert programs so far and searched quite a bit on the programs here but not alot of people post as to how the classes themselves are formatted, which ones require chatroom check in twice a week for "discussions", etc. Any input would be appreciated. I will be finishing my MSN Ed this december and then trying to start the program as soon as possible after.

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  3. by   zmansc
    Good luck with that! For the life of me, I can't figure out what I learn from that portion of the program, but they all seem to insist on it! lol Oh well, I play the game and then get on with my studying..... I will be interested to see what information you get from folks.