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Hello everyone - this is my second time applying. A month ago, I bombed the interview! If this is your first time applying, there's a world of information from previous years, especially from the... Read More

  1. by   conniferous
    Hi all,

    Has anyone submitted yet?? So curious to know! I myself am applying to the FNP track, but my GPA isn't quite 3.7 although I've been doing well in all my prereqs so far. Hopefully they can overlook it when the read more about me and my experiences. All my other stats seem to be matching up.... Anyway, I'm still working on my letter (almost done! =D) and my letters are being written and sent in soon. Just curious to see where others are in this process. This is my first time applying, so this is all new to me!
  2. by   Calinca
    Conniferous, if you have a strong argument for wanting to be in the FNP track, you will make it. GPA is definitely a black and white situation, they will see your application as a whole. A lot of people who feel ambivalent about their goals might change tracks and I guess that's the purpose! Don't do it if you can explain both in the essay and at the interview why this is so important to you.

    I didn't have much to submit because I am reapplying, but I am also finishing my letter and I should be all done. I am just waiting feedback from peer reviewing and hopefully I feel good about the final product. You are going to be just fine, I promise!
  3. by   conniferous
    Thanks for the faith, Calinca!! =D

    I do feel I have strong feelings for FNP, I hope =P... Any words of wisdom about the general app, since you are familiar with it?

    Also, is it ok if we call in to the admin offices to check if certain documents arrived? I'm sending my app via snail mail and want to make sure it gets to the right place.
  4. by   Calinca
    I think it's fine to call them, but you could also send them an email - they usually respond within one day. Also, after all your documents have arrived, they will send you a letter with your application #, which you will use to check the progress of your application online. I think they send mine a week after all docs were received.

    No words of wisdom, but you if you have specific questions, I will try my best to answer them! The whole process is very straight forward. At this point the part that you CAN control is your essay. Make sure it is unique, make sure you show yourself, make sure it fits with the school's mission.
  5. by   angeljs12000
    Super exciting again to see all the posts! Good luck Calinca!
  6. by   readl
    I just spent the past two hours reading through last year's posts. Thank you to everyone for all the helpful information! I am so nervous/excited to begin this whole process. Four more months and we should know our status!
  7. by   Pizzamyheart
    Hi all!

    I've been scouring the website as well as the application packet for the address for transcripts and GRE test scores to be sent but can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me out or direct me to somewhere I could find the information?

    I know I'm a bit behind in the game but didn't decide to apply to SU until recently. I would super appreciate it!!
  8. by   Pizzamyheart
    Ahh nevermind!

    I found really tiny print!

    Graduate Admission Office, Seattle University, 901 12th Avenue, P.O. Box 222000, Seattle, WA 98122-1090

    Good luck everybody!
  9. by   Pizzamyheart
    Hi all,

    So I'm really hoping to submit within the next few days to give my letter of rec writers time to submit their letters electronically. It's really annoying that they don't release the letter queries until your application is submitted .

    For the most part, I have completed everything, but I was hoping if anyone could help me out with how to submit the professional resume and letter of intent. Do we just add it to the PDF MISC uploads??? Also, what exactly is the prompt for the letter of intent and how long should it be?

    I found this on the website:
    Q. What should I write in my letter of intent?

    The application asks you to address your personal and professional goals. You should be clear about how your career goals fit with your selected program of study, and why you chose Seattle University’s Immersion program. Read over the materials you have received from the College and University and information available on our website (Seattle University). Relate your personal and professional goals to the University and College of Nursing mission. Use good language arts skills to demonstrate your writing ability.
    I think I have a decent personal statement that I need to retool a bit to fit with the mission of Seattle U's, but wasn't sure what their word limit might be. I find it strange that they don't list it anywhere on their application.

    If anyone could please help, it would be greatly appreciated!! I wish everyone good luck on their apps and a Happy Thanksgiving as well!!
  10. by   salinn
    Hi Pizzamyheart,

    You can add your resume and Letter of Intent in the area where you upload documents to your application. I ended up submitting my application the other day for the same reason that you mention, I wanted my Recommenders to be able to submit their letters online, rather than a paper version. However, you can submit your application without submitting your Letter of Intent or Resume. You just have to make sure you send it in via email or mail before the due date. I confirmed this with someone in graduate admissions. I would limit your letter of intent to two pages.

    Hope that helps!
  11. by   lindsay999
    Hi All-

    I have a question about the letter of intent as well... the word "letter" is throwing me off. Is a letter of intent supposed to have a letterhead format? My other schools asked for personal statements so I'm not sure if I am just overthinking this one...

    Thanks a bunch!
  12. by   eando
    I realize that you posted this question a couple of days ago so this might not be of any help but
    I wrote it in letterhead format just in case!
  13. by   knightr4
    I know its coming down to the wire but does anyone know if I can submit everything electronically except the letters of recommendation? I have hard copies of the letters of rec but I think it will be easier to get everything else in electronically.