passing the AANP or ANCC exam

  1. I need advice from those who failed the AANP exam the first time. I took the exam and failed. I am waiting for my official letter in the mail so I can apply to retest. I am very upset and discouraged. I studied very hard using Fitzgerald CDs and books, attended the APEA review course and studied the book from the course. I studied 4-6 weeks prior to taking the test. I did find the test to be challenging. I can break it down to two choices and don't always pick the best one. I don't know when I should schedule to retest. I need 15 CEUs prior to applying to retest. I am also considering taking the ANCC exam, although research and theory can be a weak area, because I have not studied that portion. Anyone with advice please let me know! I had no problem passing the NCLEX and was mostly all A student in FNP program. I'm ready to pass this test and put it all behind me. My life has been centered around passing this exam and failing is a huge set back.
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  3. by   Alexis33
    Don't look at it as a setback. Look at it as a tough practice exam. You can do it. You studied and worked hard so congratulate yourself on getting over another hurdle.
    Next time you will clear it.. Back to the drawing board in the meantime while the material is still fresh and nail it!
    You will.
  4. by   RainieRN
    Sorry to hear that... I did not pass my AANP the first time either and I am going to take in again in 3 weeks. Its a bump in the road but keep your head up and stay focused. I used the AANP CE site to get my CE for free. Let me find the link and I will send it to you. There are CEs that covers all areas..assess, dx...etc..
  5. by   RainieRN
    here is the link AANP CE Center - Search Activities I am guessing you are a member of AANP, more than 90% of the CE are free for AANP members
  6. by   graduateFNP
    Thank you, Lexi! This has to be one of the worst feelings in the world.
    Rainie, thank you for the information because I was not aware! How much time did you allow between testing? I don't want to take it too soon, but I don't want to wait until it is too late and the information is gone from my brain!
  7. by   Alexis33
    You WILL pass!!
  8. by   brendajb
    did the AANP exam have any or a lot of research/policy/role questions????
  9. by   graduateFNP
    Brenda, No not at all! I think there was one.
  10. by   drussellmc
    What do you feel like you did wrong? Do you feel like you prepared enough? Right now I am preparing to take AANP and posts like this scares the crap out of me. I am doing a lot of questions from Holier, I attended her review course about a month ago so I am reviewing that content, reading from Leik's review book and doing everything else I know to do. Are these some of the things you did? You will do it next time just don't lose hope! It is impossible to learn all of this stuff right now. The only thing we can do is pray and prepare. Good luck next time.
  11. by   Barinbass
    We had to take the HESI test during our last semester which showed me what areas I was weak in. I did so poorly on it that I really feared I would not pass the cert exam. That test definitely started me studying for the cert though. I registered for both exams in case I needed the second one if I failed the first. That made me feel safer and a bit more at ease. I also found it became a bit confusing and well as found somewhat conflicting information after studying more than one review course's material as long as I did. I didn't care for the APEA at all and used Leik and Fitzgerald which I was immersed in since two months prior to my last semester ending. I started with Fitzgerald's 3rd edition and never went anywhere without that book starting in June of my last semester. I had a book with me for three months solid. I did do some of the tests in the APEA book but stopped. Before stopping, I did the tests and then went over each rationale of each one I missed and retook the same test which upped my grade considerably. I listened to Fitzgerald's CDs once on a trip in the car during my last semester and then again with the workbook and all videos while highlighting and taking notes as if in class. Later, I went back through it again and reviewed all I had highlighted right before I took the exam. I also did the additional online material in her course as well and did her practice exam and AANPs free test too. I bought and took ANCC's practice tests. I passed the exam on the first try two weeks ago, but had I not, I would have no idea what else I could have done to prepare. Immerse yourself in one program that has a good solid reputation for successful results and good luck. There is a free app for your phone called Quizlet that is helpful too. Good luck I would try ANCCs exam. You can take it every 60 days, so between now and the end of the year, you may can take three more exams! I found that very comforting.
  12. by   AshFNP
    I failed the AANP exam last Monday. Don't really know where to go from there. Registered and paid to do the ANCC exam, so now playing the waiting game and unsure what to do in my down time. I had previously taken several practice exams through APEA and went through that review book and listened to Fitzgerald CDs and also her review book. Suggestions? I just purchased Leik to read what it says. Very very frustrated!
  13. by   Ashlee2225
    Would you like to talk about the exam?!? I also failed jan me
  14. by   kkrt
    I actually failed the AANP in February 2014... totally blown away that I was unsuccessful. I put the time and hours into the studying with no luck. I decided to go with the ANCC. I haven't taken it yet, but have concerns. I felt that I studied all of the wrong things with the AANP. If there are any ideas on where I should go to get examples of research questions, theories, etc., PLEASE chime in! I want this over with! =)