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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am considering going back to school to get my FNP. I'm looking for schools that are really student focused and has different teaching methods.

    For example: Simmons College out in Boston has live classroom times where you can listen to lecture live via a webcam. They also have a student/professor ratio of 15:1. I would have to fly out there for my head to toe assessment and skills lab (which is no big deal), they have recorded lectures and copies of the powerpoints. They also help set up the preceptors. I just like that they offer more than just read the text book, take a test and complete discussion boards.

    Are there any other schools that stand out that you guys liked? Also, how much did you pay in tuition?

    Thank you so much in advance.
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  3. by   Dodongo
    Look into Vanderbilt, Drexel, Rush, Duke, Columbia, Georgetown, etc. There are plenty of good hybrid programs. The ones I mentioned have required on campus time for skills and exams, live lectures, proctored exams - you know, a curriculum where they ensure you learn what you need to be a decent practitioner. Just do not "apply" to any for profit, 100% online programs.
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  4. by   Kndlllange
    Thank you for your input.
  5. by   renzlao
    I'm with University of Southern California and it's been great. Simmons, Georgetown and USC actually use the same platform.