NP Salary in FL.

  1. Hi guys, I need your help. Does anyone know what the salary range for FNPs in FL is? I have a second interview coming up and they are asking me what my salary range is. I've only worked in NYC so I have no clue what other states pay. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  3. by   MC1906
    where in Florida? What kind of practice setting/speciality?
  4. by   tonet0908
    Hello MC1906,

    Ocala, in a Family practice with 2 other MDs, I will be the only NP.
  5. by   MC1906
    I used to live near by there in Gainesville, Florida. That area is kind of "low key" but there are a lot of opportunities a little north (30 minutes) of there in Gainesville. But I'm sure you will get a lot of practice and experience. I have a friend that is a NP in that area and she says its about $70-90,000. Good luck with your job search and interview. Keep me posted!
  6. by   tonet0908
    Oh, ok, thank you soooo much. That gives me a ball park. I will definitely keep you posted. Again, thank you.
  7. by   MC1906
    You are welcome! Good luck!
  8. by   reebokHCFR
    I'm a firefighter/paramedic in florida doing rn with the intention of NP. I see 70-90K in ocala, does anyone know more central florida area (tampa/lakeland/orlando) for say, an ER or urgent care type setting? thanks.