NP boards- will I know of I pass right away??

  1. Ok so I am taking NP boards in a few weeks. I received my authorization to test prior to actual degree conferral. Per ANCC- "if your application is pending evidence of graduation/degree conferral, ANCC will retain your exam result"

    Has anyone been in this situation before? Does this mean they won't tell me if I pass or fail right away? Or does it mean they won't release the scores to the BON?? This is making me freak out because I can't imagine having to wait to see if I passed or not. Anyone know??
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  3. by   Rnis
    Yes, once I submitted it the results came up within a minute or two. I had not gotten my degree conferred they didn't release the results until that was complete. (mine was for aanp, but i believe it is the same)
  4. by   Oldmahubbard
    I took the Psych boards a few years ago, had the results right then and there. They were ridiculously easy, I am ashamed to say. I wasted a weekend of my life studying that I will never get back!
  5. by   FuturePMHNP
    Ok great. Thanks guys!
    I am wasting weeks studying...just in case! lol.
  6. by   Rathyen
    You get a pass/fail when you finish the test. You don't get your scores or certificate until they have all your final transcripts and whatnot.
  7. by   FuturePMHNP
    Thanks! That makes me feel much better. In fact I am thinking of moving up my test date. I am sure I am ready I just am super anxious and want to put boards off. But honestly it's probably better if I just get them over with!
  8. by   FuturePMHNP
    Just an update... I passed!