NOT post-masters NP program

  1. I have been looking at NP programs in the state of Illinois. Most of them require a general Master's. Some of them don't require you to have a general Master's degree, but in their program, you do end up taking those classes anyways. An example of this is the NIU's (Northern Illinois University ) nursing program.So my questions is this: are there any programs available that let you take the NP classes without taking the general MSN classes?I'm pretty sure the answer is no. But through all my research, maybe I missed a program or two that has this option. I don't want to take the general MSN courses. It doesn't interest me. I know :-(
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  3. by   ChristineN
    What is your reason that you want the NP without the MSN? I remember there was a discussion a while a go about nurses that had gotten their NP's years ago that were not required to get their MSN's at the time, and how they were basically grandfathered in for the state they were working, but could not change states without getting the MSN

    Not worth it, IMO
  4. by   myelin
    what do you mean by "general MSN classes" - what classes, specifically, are you trying to avoid?