Need a Pediatric NP preceptor in DFW

  1. I'm an RN with 6 years experience, and currently work in PCU while in an FNP program. I am looking for a preceptor for this Fall semester, starting in late September, or October. I only need 45 hours. I have tried the list provided by my school and was able to get an OBGYN MD who has agreed to precept me this Fall, but I have not had any success with a PNP or a pediatrician. I have emailed a few PNPs through my state NP organization but got no responses. I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Please PM with any leads, or if you are willing to help, I would be very grateful. I'm trying every avenue at my disposal.
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    I wish this post had not been moved to the NP student forum as there are no potential preceptors here. They are all in the NP forum.
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    This site has a list of NP organizations that has preceptors listed…/Spec…/Nurse-Practitioner.htm. The link is broken so you will have to copy and paste the organization name into the search engine. You can also check out to locate a preceptor. I live in Dallas, TX and just last week I was able to locate preceptors in Houston, San Antonio and Waxahachie through TNP. I didn't get any response when I emailed the NP through the organization site. I had to email from my personal email. I hope that this helps.
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    do you have any pediatric preceptors you are aware of in the DFW area? I need one desperately for January 2018! PLEASE any HELP would be amazing