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Has anyone been accepted into Maryville University for the Spring 2013 FNP class? I have been accepted!! Just seeing if anyone else has been as well. I am still waiting on my first choice, Frontier... Read More

  1. by   Jazzy*
    I talked to her today. Apparently she said she sent the email, but I never got it. I should have called to confirm. Partially both our faults, neither one of us followed up. All is good now! I'm scheduled for the 27th and I received my email! lol

    Im too excited! Question for you, are you going to work through the program?
  2. by   keeg915
    I will be working throughout the program, full-time 36h/week.
  3. by   smartypants31us
    Hi everyone.i am taking my second class with maryville,Evidence based practice.its great so far.some teachers are great,others not so much.i work 40 hours a week and its been ok thus far.maybe when we get into the core FNP courses is when I can give others a better perspective of enjoying every moment and actually have learned alot because of these 2 courses.good luck everyone.
  4. by   Jazzy*
    Quote from NSchoolAgain
    So, now I have found out I have also been accepted into University of Cincinnati...I think I will accept the Univ. of Cincinnatti because it was my first choice. Both programs costs around the same amount but UC is also affiliated with my place of employment so it should be a little easier to find preceptors when it comes time for clinicals!
    Congrats!! Did you complete your intent to enroll for Maryville? I am trying to figure out if it is a binding agreement or not. I already completed mine, but I just found out that I got into Frontier (my first choice) and cant get a hold of anyone from Maryville...
  5. by   NSchoolAgain
    I don't think the intent to enroll is binding. I called my advisor and informed her that I decided to go with another school (my 1st choice) and she thanked me for letting her know. She also told me that if I change my mind, I can always come back to Maryville.
  6. by   NSchoolAgain
    Congrats on your acceptance into Frontier!
  7. by   Jazzy*
    Great! I still never got ahold of anyone! I have emailed and called. Good luck everyone! (:
  8. by   missyleeRN
    I, too, am applying for the January 2013 class. I was just notifed that my application was complete, now comes the hard part - the WAITING!!!! UGH!!!!
  9. by   haynursejess
    I was just notified of my acceptance into Maryville University FNP program starting Jan 2013. I am so excited to get started!! Is anyone else interested in starting a Facebook Page for our group? I will set one up; so we all could get to know each other and help out with questions etc. Let me know and I will do that.
  10. by   tlb79
    I found out that I was accepted into Maryville's FNP program last week. I start in January, as well. I'm so excited!!!

    My "welcome" phone call is this Saturday.

    haynursejess - I think a facebook page would be great. I think that one resource to help each other with this journey would be a wonderful idea. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Congrats to everyone that has been accepted... and good luck to everyone that is still in the waiting period. (It seems like it takes forever to hear something!)

  11. by   haynursejess
    Tara (tlb79),
    I will go ahead and set up the Facebook page now. The Group name is Maryville Online FNP Jan 2013. So just search that group name on Facebook and I will Add you to the group. This will help us all out especially in the beginning.
    Talk to you soon
  12. by   CbauerRN
    I just submitted my application for Jan start! Kind of cutting it close but I guess they extended the deadline till this Friday. Hopefully it won't take 3-5 weeks to find out because I'm worried I won't have time to get everything ready before class starts! I'm super excited and I hope I get in!!!!!!! Have you guys heard much about the program from students who are in? I have only heard a few things on here. Good things from nursegirl, and bad things from a couple guys on another thread about Maryville...
  13. by   katiesword
    Hi everyone,
    I also just got acceped for Jan 2013 and would love to join the FB group. I tried to do a search but couldn' find it. If someone could send me a pm with the info that would be great!