Johns Hopkins 2017 DNP - Advanced Practice

  1. Anyone applying to Johns Hopkins DNP program for 2017?
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  3. by   niqu92
    I'm Applying! I'm applying to the AGNP-HIV care specialty. I know the deadline to apply is Jan 1, I sent in my application a few weeks ago so i'm hoping I hear back within the next month *fingers crossed*
  4. by   pams155
    Hi! I applied to the full time FNP DNP to start next fall 2017. I received an email yesterday offering an interview! Anyone else receive this email? This is so nerve wrecking!
  5. by   niqu92
    I received an email for an interview also! Ive been accepted at Emory and UPENN but Hopkins is my #1 choice so I'm hoping to ace this!
  6. by   pams155
    Anyone have any experience with the interview process? I have mine coming up next week.
  7. by   ana.saavedra14
    How did the interview go?
    I am still waiting for them to receive my transcripts!!
  8. by   pams155
    Not bad! 3 questions and then most of the time it was casual talk about personal life and how I would manage with the program. They told me I should hear back in about 3 weeks, so anytime now!
  9. by   niqu92
    Interview went great, i was asked about 6-7 questions some were pretty difficult but i managed so we shall see....
  10. by   ana.saavedra14
    OMG good luck!! Hope you hear back soon!!!
    I have my interview coming up this week (for PNP)
  11. by   jungdt
    Anyone applied to 2017 DNP AP Acute care program? I still haven't heard anything back from school yet. Looks like they are interviewing for FNP track.
  12. by   ana.saavedra14
    I emailed admissions and said they anticipate sending decision letters the end of Feb through March!
    3 more weeks!!!
  13. by   jungdt
    Is this for Primary care NP track? I applied to Acute Care NP and have't heard from them at all...not even for the interview. do you know anything about the Acute care track? also, which email did you use to communicate with admissions? thanks!
  14. by   ana.saavedra14
    I think it's for all DNP advanced practice tract. I used my personal email.
    I would email them or check your application.
    Mine was incomplete for a while because they were missing my transcripts. I thought the school had sent them and turns out they forgot!