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  1. I have been struggling in clinicals with a lack of confidence. I feel that even if we went over the information in class I have trouble remembering it until we do it in a case study or I have a patient with the condition. I can remember most information from discussion based classes, but struggle with powerpoint dependent teaching style. I can read the same chapter three times and barely retain anything in long term memory. I am entering my third semester as WHNP and just now learning about abortions and infertility (so frustrating!). I got two case study question books that have helped but am looking for other good study tips. My grades are fine despite the way I feel about my knowledge base. While I understand how seeing patients at the same time as learning can be beneficial, i believe it comes with some short comings.

    Due to medical and family issues, i have fallen behind in clinical hours but am continuing full time in the program with supervision. I am working with the school to schedule enough clinicals to catch up. My preceptor is very supportive and says I need to trust myself. Just not sure how to go about it.
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am sorry you are having health issues and are struggling. How much clinical experience did you have before starting your program. I have found that nurses that go for an advanced degree program with no bedside experience, while they ultimately do fine, really struggle for a while with assessment/case studies. It will come...

    Best wishes and Good Luck!!!!
  4. by   Tinabeanrn
    I sent you an inbox . Best wishes. You can do this!
  5. by   reddgirl
    I too struggle with this but never felt this way in clinicals. I started feeling this way was when it hit me that I will be on my own soon and not under the guidance of a preceptor. My preceptors and intrsuctors all said that this is a normal feeling and a good one! It means that you are humbling yourself and not thinking that you know everything about the patient. In time we shall feel better but I agree with you, I do not like this feeling either.