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  1. So I am applying to NP programs after managing home and family for 4 years. Prior to having my first baby I worked critical care for 3 years. The last year I worked in critical care float pool which included med/Surg ICU, CTICU, Cardiac ICU, and all levels of PACU. Are there any programs that will accept me even though I'm not currently working? I'm confident I have the chops.
    Other question-Should I be surprised my last manager won't write me a recommendation because she hasn't worked with me in 4 years? My BSN professors have no problem writing me one, but I was hoping my previous manager would.
    Last question-If I can't get into NP school I'm considering an MSN in education. After getting that, could I apply to fnp certificate programs? Naturally I would have some current clinical experience.
    Thanks for the insight!
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  3. by   ImmaNP
    Most of the programs that I have seen do not specify that you are currently working. Mine told me not to work during the program. They usually ask for 1 year of nursing experience for FNP and 1 year of ICU in the past 5 years for acute care. But each program is different and you would have to research your prospective schools. On the recommendation aspect, maybe you can ask the person tactfully but there are a myriad of reasons they may not want to write one. If you have kept close contact with this person and kept a collegial relationship I do not see why they would not write one but if you came out of the blue to ask for a recommendation maybe that is where their ambivalence originates. On your last question I believe there are some over lap on the classes so if I was you, I would try and get the 2 degrees you are seeking at the same school so that you could get credit for the classes that fulfill both degrees. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   FullGlass
    You earned a BSN, so you are eligible to apply to an MSN program. Make sure your RN license is active, as that is a requirement.

    As for recommendations, is there anyone else you worked with that could write a recommendation? It doesn't have to be your boss.

    I suggest you look at the admissions requirements for some NP schools of interest. You should also call and speak to some admissions officers from different schools.

    Good luck.