FNP Program University of Maryland Fall 2013

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    Just checking to see if anyone out there applied for the FNP Program for the Fall of 2013 at University of Maryland and if you have been contacted for an interview.
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  3. by   rnjaxi
    I applied but haven't heard anything...my application just says "committee ready." Have you heard anything?
  4. by   wkirn
    My application still says "committee ready". I am currently taking the Pathophys class under Course Work Only status and I stopped by the office a couple weeks back on my way to class. The admissions rep told me decisions would be out by the middle of April. I figured that since I did not even get a call for an interview that it is likely I was not accepted. I'm a bit surprised, but was told by others that this is how it is nowadays with grad school. I work with someone who applied for the Acute care program. She had her interview on March 25th, but has yet to hear. Can you let me know if you get a call or if your status changes in the system? I will let you know as well. Thx!
  5. by   roxxy3773
    I am waiting as well to hear, my status still says committee ready too. I did have an interview on March 27th and at the time they said mid-April we should find out. When I emailed admissions on Monday they said they hoped to get letters out this week. If anyone has a status change please update! The waiting is awful!
  6. by   wkirn
    Hi Roxxy3773. It sounds very promising that you received an interview. My friend who currently is in the FNP program there received an interview and was waitlisted, but called shortly afterwards when a spot opened up. Honestly, I am a bit perplexed by why I was not at least called for an interview based on my experience, grades from school, resume, etc.--I felt like I had all my ducks in order, but I'm really not sure exactly what they are looking for. All my experience is with adult ICU so this may have been my downfall. I'm sure that the applications are up for this Fall are due to the transition to DNP coming around the corner. Did you apply to attend full time? I applied part time and was just wondering if this may have caused me to not get a call. I know a couple RN's who are currently in the acute care program part time and they told me that they are really being pushed to attend at close to full time status since the school wants to quickly finish up with the MSN degrees.
  7. by   Babyrn1218
    I had an interview on the 3rd... Status still says committee ready as well & no phone call! Please update if anything changes!! The waiting is KILLING me. Trying to stay positive.
  8. by   Babyrn1218
    I heard from a friend that a nurse she works with got an acceptance letter to FNP this tues I hate to be negative but I'm thinking this means I did not get in....
  9. by   wkirn
    Babyrn--I'm finding that there seems to be a lot of mystery with this process so I wouldn't take this to mean that you didn't get in. It is great that you got an interview. They may just be going in aphabetical order or have the sequence of mailings grouped in other ways instead of starting with the acceptances then rejections.
  10. by   Babyrn1218
    My last name starts with a B. when I had my interview they said they had over 150 applicants for 20 spots... I'm not sure how many they interviewed? But.. I'm feeling doubtful. I'm not sure what they are looking for either I have 3 years exp in L&D and had a 3.8 undergrad... But they did say they wanted to let people know either way by this week. I'm thinking they have just decided to save the rejects for last. I'm hoping not but, that is what makes sense.
  11. by   roxxy3773
    I estimated they interviewed about 36 based on the interview schedule (and my own calculations . When I emailed admissions Monday they said "they hope to begin getting decisions out this week" so I feel like it is too early to get discouraged! Let's stay positive!
  12. by   Babyrn1218
    I also estimated 36 And I thought handing out the powerpoints/plans of study was a good thing. I'm trying to stay positive, but I keep feeling like I should know already!!! Ill keep you posted if I hear something.
  13. by   roxxy3773
    I also applied for the part time program too. It is discouraging to keep checking with no change, but I am trying not to let that get me down. Hoping we are part of the 20 and that we will hear today. Fingers crossed! I will post as soon as I hear something too!
  14. by   wkirn
    I called the school right before they closed yesterday and was told that decisions would be out by Wednesday of next week.