FNP Program University of Maryland Fall 2013 - page 2

Hi, Just checking to see if anyone out there applied for the FNP Program for the Fall of 2013 at University of Maryland and if you have been contacted for an interview.... Read More

  1. by   roxxy3773
    Thanks for the update! You sound like a great applicant, I am surprised you didn't get an interview too. Did you apply anywhere else?
  2. by   wkirn
    Hi roxxy--Thanks for the compliment! I did not apply anywhere else, but it will be okay if I don't get in. I may decide to apply to MD again and probably Hopkins as well which may be a bit more convenient for me. It's been a while (15 years) since I've been in school with the exception of a couple grad courses 12 years ago and I did not realize how competitive these programs have gotten. The only problem is that not getting in for the Fall will hold me up a full year since Hopkins only admits for the Fall and I think that the next available semester for MD will be the Fall of 2014 as well with the DNP conversion. I'm on a bit of a roll now with taking the Pharm course last Fall and currently finishing the Pathophys course at MD. I would of liked to continue on, but it's okay if not. I just have to figure out what held me from getting an interview. I will probably email the director of the program to get some insight once I get official notice.
  3. by   Babyrn1218
    Maybe they sent out their decsions and are waiting for people to accept/decline and then have backups? My status online says "commitee ready" still. Roxy- have you heard from any of the other schools you applied to?
  4. by   roxxy3773
    I'm still hoping they haven't sent decisions out, especially since wkirn said they would have them out by Wednesday, so I am still hopeful. I actually didn't apply anywhere else. We just moved to the area so I will be applying to more schools next year if I don't get in this year. How about you? Did you apply anywhere else?
  5. by   Babyrn1218
    Hopefully that's the case. This year I only applied to Maryland, it was my top choice & I live in the Baltimore area. I have always wanted to go back to school & am coming up on 3 years experience as a nurse. I don't know how I feel about the DNP option, I sort of feel like that's alot for NP, considering med school is only 3 years & PA school only 2. Anyways, keeping my fingers crossed for us!! If this year is not the year, I plan to apply to a few schools that still offer MSN programs next year.
  6. by   roxxy3773
    Anybody hear anything? I'm still committee ready .
  7. by   wkirn
    No, still committee ready. We have to hear something by this week. I just want an official notice at this point. My co-worker who applied to the Acute Care/CNS program found out that she got in last Thursday. Her status changed in the computer and she received a call from the school on the same day. When I did a search for FNP UMD on this site prior to placing my post, I noticed that people who applied back around 2009 were still waiting to hear something about admission into this program in late April maybe even early May. I hope this is not the case for us. Fingers crossed that we will know by the end of this week.
  8. by   roxxy3773
    I also noticed previous years that the NP program seemed to be the last notified and it looked like late April/early march for 2011 and 2012. I just want to know too, one way or the other.
  9. by   Babyrn1218
    Still committee ready here as well. I specifically asked in my interview when decisions would be made. They told me they had to submit by April 10th & would try to notify everyone either way the following week....now we are going on 2 weeks of no notice

    I'm planning for the worst, hoping/praying for the best. I also noticed a friend got into the acute care NP program last week. And, I think I mentioned before a co-worker of a close friend of mine supposedly got an acceptance letter last tues to FNP

    I did see all of the previous years posts and it looks like it took awhile to find out so I'm hoping we still have a chance. Will post if I hear something!! Hopefully soon, either way.
  10. by   roxxy3773
    Check online, mine finally updated today! Admit institution! I am so excited! Hoping you all hear the same too!!
  11. by   Babyrn1218
    Still commitee ready! Congrats-- hoping soon
  12. by   Babyrn1218
    Did you recieve a call too? Congrats !!!
  13. by   wkirn
    Hi Roxxy--congrats on getting in! I did receive my official notice online that I was not accepted which wasn't too much of a surprise at this point. It just wasn't in the cards for me to start quite yet. My friend who is in the program described the instructors as "really nice" and "cool", so I'm sure you will really enjoy the program.