FNP Oversaturation

  1. Becoming an FNP and working in a clinic is something I always wanted to do since starting my BSN. I have heard from people that its not a good field because it's becoming oversaturated and will be hard to find a job? Is this true? I live in a more rural area? Will this mean it will be easier to find a job?
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  3. by   FullGlass
    The FNP supply and demand varies widely by location. Google this report: "State level projections of supply and demand for primary care practitioners"

    There is a high demand for FNPs in rural areas in the Western US, because few FNPs are willing to live and work in those areas, unfortunately. Something to consider is that many of those clinics will pay you the same, or more than, big city clinics and may also be eligible for state and federal loan repayment. So you could make more money, have a far lower cost of living, and might get some of your student loan debt paid.

    In the Western US, we have a terrible shortage of PMHNPs, especially in rural areas.

    I wouldn't worry about projected NP surpluses in the future, as it is hard to predict very far in the future. In addition, NPs at the top of their game have little to fear.
  4. by   aprnKate
    It will only be hard to find a job if you want to stay in one place like a metropolitan area. Rural areas, I have found to be the best place for me in terms in being able to practice in full scope. Metropolitan NPs sometimes get stuck in a specialty. I love rural areas. there are so many great ones to explore and each community is different. Also becoming a traveling NP is also a really cool gig... I've only traveled and worked permanently in rural areas as a NP. There's nothing like it. I have MD and NP friends that have been traveling from 8 to 9 years. they don't pay PTO but you earn enough money that you don't need PTO, you can just take the time off. When I traveled I did 3 months on 1 month off. Some people did 3 months on/off, some did 6 months on/off and they used their off time to do volunteer in other countries or travel.