Fall 2012 NP Applications - page 3

Hey Everyone, I'm applying to nurse practitioner programs for Fall 2012. Anyone else out there? Maybe we can encourage each other during the process. I'm applying to: University of Arizona... Read More

  1. by   40love

    Did you finish and submit your essay for UAB? I looked at the MSN fact sheet and it says decisions are made 30 days after the application deadline (March 16). So, I guess it will be April before we hear something...
  2. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Yes, finally!!! My application is submitted. Yes.....April is a long time away. I'm so ready for a change. Hope it's good news.
  3. by   LRNGIRL
    Hi everyone,
    I too have applied to UAB'S nurse practitioner program (fnp). It's my first choice and I have heard so many good things about it! I just submitted my application last week, I have heard that UAB doesn't have a cap on how many students they admit, has anyone else heard this? Anyone out there that is currently in uab's fnp program? If so how do you like it? Good luck to everyone out there that is applying!
  4. by   LRNGIRL
    Hi Rachel,
    I see that you are in Atlanta, I'm in Greenville, SC..Not too far away! How long did you make your essay? Mine came out to being 6 pages..I have heard UAB's program is really competitive which makes me nervous. Do you know anyone who has gone through the program?
  5. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Hey LRNGIRL,

    I actually live in Warner Robins, GA which is about 1.5 hours south of Atlanta. My essay turned out to be 6 pages as well. This includes the title page and reference page. So 4 fully typed pages. I know several people who were accepted on the last application cycle. Even people who had barely a year of experience. What were your first and second choices? I'm so anxiously awaiting April 16th. Are you applying anywhere else?
  6. by   StarofLifeRN
    Has anyone else applied to the University of Vermont's MEPN program? I was denied last year, enrolled in a post-bacc program to take the science courses I was lacking from having been a business major, and and was thrilled to get accepted this year. I'll be in the ANP track.
  7. by   LRNGIRL
    oh really?? that makes me feel better about the chance of getting accepted. i've had 3 years experience and i was a little worried about only having that..how are those people liking the program so far? i only applied to uab this time, i figured i would try to see if i got in for fall and if i didn't to try and apply to several programs for the next spring.. so i'm crossing my fingers i get in this time. i have heard so many good things about the program though, i have a friend that is in pnp program there and is really enjoying it. where else are you applying to?
  8. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    They all love the program so far. It's a lot of work, but that's to be expected. What concentrations did you apply to? I'm also applying to University of Arizona and University of South Alabama. I will apply to Graceland if I'm denied all three. I'm so ready for a change after doing this for 8 years and really have a passion for doing my part to help people manage all these chronic diseases and educating them on it. I don't know how I'm going to make it 2.5 months!! Lord help my family and friends lol.
  9. by   LRNGIRL
    Oh that's good to know! I applied for the fnp and anp programs at UAB. What about you? Do you know what the average gpa's they took for last semester? I have a 3.9 from my BSN program but I feel I didn't have that much leadership experience which worries me a bit. I am so ready for a change as well! Are you wanting to go full time or part time?
  10. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I want full time, but I will take part time. I don't know about GPA's. I have a 3.97 from my BSN and Sigma Theta Tau, but my overall from all classes ever taken is 3.3. I applied to ANP so we may be classmates! Only thing I was told by faculty at UAB was that the essay makes or breaks you.
  11. by   LRNGIRL
    Yeah unfortunately I have to do part-time because I have to keep up working full time on the job. Yeah I'm in Sigma Theta Tau too, have you talked to them if they offer scholarships for grad school? My overall was 3.97 too in my BSN program but overall I think I have a 3.7 something..Oh gosh I am so worried about the essay, I would say I am not a master of apa format and it was so confusing to me on what they wanted..How much citing of direct quotations in the paper did you do? I didn't do as many because I felt since they were asking for personal reasons why you wanted to go to np school it just seemed too much. My body of the essay was 5 pages and total was 7..I did an abstract too because I wasn't sure how structured they wanted it.
  12. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    I think you are in there based on your stats and our conversation!!! I'm a little worried about my GPA to be honest, but my last 60 is 3.5 so that's a little better than 3.3. I have not talked to them about funding. I know that it will be in state tuition, but I'm using GI Bill.
  13. by   LRNGIRL
    You have a stellar gpa! And more experience in nursing than me, I wouldn't worry! Wow, GI Bill? I'm jealous! That's great! That would be awesome if we end up as classmates! Have you applied to USA? I'm thinking about going ahead and applying there because the deadline is not till April 1st..