Advice on applying to Stony Brook Grad Program

  1. Hi everyone. I am an RN working in a hematology/oncology unit and have been thinking about applying to the Stony Brook University's FNP program. I've had my heart set on this and after a bit of soul searching, I am confident that this is the program that fits my aspirations and my career goals best. I just want some advice on applying:

    At the moment I have 8 months of experience but I will have the required 1 year (and a few months) by the time the deadline comes around. If accepted, I would just be 2 months short of two years experience before beginning any classes at all, since the program starts in Summer 2018.

    I also have a GPA of 3.495 and plan to get recommendations from my nurse manager, a professor from nursing school, and a colleague who is a nurse practitioner (DNP). All who can speak on my work ethic as well as my academic performance and dedication.

    I've spoken to several colleagues about the program and the course work. I also took a look at the syllabi for each class. I feel ready to apply and ready to get back in school and work towards my degree. I suppose what I am asking is, with the stats I provide, will I have a great shot at getting accepted? I plan to apply to more than one school but Stony Brook has my heart. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Yourstruly_dm
    Hi RNafn, I just came across your post. Did you end up applying? My b/f sister graduated with her BSN in 2015 from Molloy and applied to SBU FNP for summer 2016. She only had a few months of experience when she applied and she was accepted. They would prefer at last 1 yr of experience but I don't thinks it required. I recently applied as well for summer 2018.
  4. by   RNafn
    Hey yourstruly_dm, yes I actually did end up applying. I have an interview scheduled with them next week. I'm excited. If you don't mind me asking, does she remember what the interview was like?
  5. by   Maynard44
    Hello!! I applied and interviewed for the summer 2018 FNP program! Let's hope we all get in. Fingers crossed
  6. by   bjweis1219
    Hello! I applied and have an interview next week. Anyone else??
  7. by   Maynard44
    Hi! I interviewed last week!! Good luck on your interview! Did you apply to FNP?
  8. by   bjweis1219
    Yes! Care to share anything about the interview??
  9. by   Maynard44
    The interview was very casual! Mainly asked why I wanted to be an NP, why Stony Brook etc.

    When is your interview?
  10. by   RNafn
    I second Maynard44, it was very casual. The director of the program and the professors that were also there were so pleasant and my nerves disappeared! How did your interviews go?
  11. by   Maynard44
    I feel like It went well. I'm just anxiously awaiting acceptance! Stony Brook is my first choice. I was accepted to Samford's FNP program, but I am waiting on the acceptance from SBU. Crossing fingers!!