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I am hoping someone out there can give me ANY ADVICE on taking these two classes online at MTSU this summer...along with adv. health care assessment. I sounds CRAZY, but I must take these... Read More

  1. by   slaino
    Quote from bsnanat2
    This should help with Pharm......
    ED Physician with pay site also
    anngalloway56 - YouTube
    Colorado State NP Professor -Pharm
    General Pharmacology - YouTube
    University of Hawaii-Pharmacology

    Some good patho stuff out there too on YouTube and others.....

    Free Medical Video Lecture courses

    Hope this helps.
    Great sites thanks
  2. by   julielive
    Sorry its been so long, but I did it..two A's and two B's!, on to FNP II adult and clinical along with theoretical foundations...this is really TIME CONSUMING, but gotta get it done!

    Could not make it without epocrates and isabela...the incredibly easy books as well as 5 minute clinical consult ARE MANDATORY!

    thanks again!
  3. by   RNnan
    Hi to all,

    Just curious are any of you from a state other than TN? If so are they allowing you to take clinicals within your state. I'm considering RODP but want to make sure other states are accepted.
  4. by   RNnan
    Also about how much are the students currently enrolled pay per credit hour.
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