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Hi!Has anyone here went to St. Louis University for ANP program? I am going to start the program this fall and I just want to get some info how was the program? Im working 3 and 4 days in 2 weeks as... Read More

  1. by   mtsteelhorse
    Thanks allsia07 for taking time to answer my questions. How long after you applied before you heard? Was it by email or snail mail? I'm on pins and needles. I'm overwhelmed by the idea of going but...I really want to. I just don't know what a reasonable course load is if I get accepted. I'm in no rush to finish but I don't want to plod along either. Were they helpful at assisting with your program course of study? Admissions has been very easy to deal with; now I hurry up and wait. I'm finishing up my BSN this semester but have been a nurse a while. The research class I'm in now is awful. What does yours entail?
  2. by   allisa07
    I think I heard within 30 days of the application deadline. I received a congratulatory email first and then got the same letter via snail mail a week later. 1-2 courses per semester is the normal course load to finish in 3 years. My advisor was very helpful organizing my plan of study. We had to switch some classes around so that i met before clinicals. Nursing research now is just like my BSN. Lots of papers and peer reviewed articles.
  3. by   mtsteelhorse
    Thank you again for this information. I envision grad school as very intense. I don't know what I'll do if I'm accepted or what I'll do if I'm not, lol! Didn't know you could finish in 3 yrs taking 1-2 courses/week. I look forward to hearing more as you progress. Good luck with your little ones!
  4. by   allisa07
    Thanks. Good luck to you as well. Keep me posted or let me know if you have any more questions
  5. by   ebonysp
    Please, where can I get practice questions for Advanced Pathophysiology?
  6. by   allisa07
    I don't know. Haven't come across any but I did hear there is study guides for the texts you can buy online.