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Hello all, I am glad to find this forum. I am researching various programs for NP school here in the DFW area. I received a brochure for Georgetown's online NP program. Can anyone please tell me... Read More

  1. by   GoodKick01
    How is the applyin process for you ? is it very competitive? do you have to go to campus at all?
    Thank you!
  2. by   HouTx
    WARNING!!! Do not choose a program that requires the student to take responsibility for arranging clinical practicum. You will find that TX organizations are not willing to do this any longer due to the resource/liability issues involved. I work for a large system with many, many locations - we are besieged with requests from students in these 'do it yourself' programs but are not able to accommodate any of them. You may have better luck with an individual practitioner, but s/he may not be able to provide the variety of opportunities that you need.
  3. by   SCSTxRN
    I'm at UT Arlington. I feel, so far, like this is the best of both worlds - in class and online. Most of the classes are offered in a once a month (Thursday, 11 to 4 this semester) or less in person - the rest on line. Once clinical courses start, there is a greater in person requirement, but as best I can tell it's something like Friday and Saturday.
  4. by   blieke1
    Will ASU allow clinicals to be done in a Urgent Care setting?
  5. by   RNP'16

    do you know if Graceland university is accepted for Tx state boards ?
  6. by   RNP'16
    Any TX fnps that graduated from Graceland University program?