1. Did anyone sit for AANP recently? I finished my program December 17, sat for and passed AANP December 28, my school sent official transcript on January 3 and still no results. Website still says certification pending, I got a new job as a hospitalist NP and can't move forward with credentialing. I have called AANP multiple times but was told transcript has not been processed, is this the usual timeline? Thank you.
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    I will be taking AANP exam on Monday...so I'm going to keep an eye on this thread.

    Congrats on passing! How was it compared to your expectations?

    I took a PSI practice exam last night and scored an 88...so I feel slightly less panicked than I did a few days ago!
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    I studied really hard for the exam. I attended Barkley' s live review on December 2nd, studied Leik and answered all the 600 plus questions at the back of her book. I also did questions from Hollier's certification book. The exam questions were more like questions from Leik and Hollier's books, they really helped a lot. I marked 7 questions and went back to it at the end but didn't change my answers, study Leik and you will be fine.
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    Update on my question... my transcript was processed yesterday according to their website and I can now access my wallet cards, thank you very much.
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    With a PSI score of 88, you are good to go.. good luck on your exam!!!!
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    Thank you! Good luck in your new role!!