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These are a couple of issues that may lead to some further research of ethical problems:

-is alcoholism genetically based and does that affect individual accountability?

-fetal alcohol syndrome and the rights of pregnant women

-the higher rate of domestic violence and child abuse in alcoholic environments

-should expensive treatment options (transplant) be readily available to chronic alcoholics?

Good luck with your studies. I don't know about England but here we are so aggressive with anti-smoking campaigns and not enough (in my opinion) anti-alcohol campaigns.



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How about looking at how we stigmatize these people? How about how we blame alcoholics for their health problems and often don't want to treat them? Is it their fault or is it another disease just like cancer or diabetes? Should treatment be voluntary (can we force someone to get help if they don't want it, in what circumstances should it be mandatory)? Who has a right to know if you (a nurse) are an alcoholic?

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Alcoholism is an addictive disease and you can spend all the money in the world to try and stop people from drinking, but unless the alcoholic is willing to help themselves then treatment is useless.

If drinking is effective your work performance then your employer will soon know about, otherwise it is really none of their business. Of course that is just my opinion.


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I am a first year student nurse studying in Newcastle, England and am in the middle of attempting to do my second set of assignments. The one that I need a little help with is one that asks me to discuss the Ethical issues involved in alcohol abuse and it's treatment. The other part of the assignment is related to the health and physiological side of the same subject, and I more or less have that covered. It is just the ethics side that I am struggling with. I would be grateful if anyone could give me some tips and point me in the right direction. Also if anyone could reccommend any books that I may find helpful it would be much appreciated.

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