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I have a question about children and their blood sugar levels. Is it the same guidelines as an adult? We haven't had peds yet and my 2 and 1/2 year old has been displaying some diabetic symptoms such as extreme thirst, urinating a lot, and moodiness. Anyways, a few months ago I tested his fasting sugar and it was 130. This morning I tested it again and it was 145 (fasting). Then I checked it again tonight 1 hour and 45 minutes post meal and it was 165. My family always turns to me for medical advice and this time I don't have an answer. So, since I'm on spring break and can't ask my advisors, I thought I would ask you guys. Thanks so much!

p.s-Isn't it funny how we always turn family medical problems into learning experiences?

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Those sugars are way too high and your little one needs to be seen by your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Remember that we cannot offer medical advice here, you need to contact your primary primary provider as soon as possible.

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