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Hello I'm a nursing student and I'm just wondering if it's a HIPAA violation that will get me expelled from my nursing program if I go back into my patient's medical record once they are discharged the day before. 

So out of 2 days of the week during clinicals, we get to choose 2 patients to write up on. So on the 1st day I was too busy helping my nurse so I didn't get to really research and write down information of my 2 patients to complete my paperworks. My nurse made it seem like my 2 patients weren't going to get discharged soon so I thought I can try writing my patients Diagnoses, Labs, etc for my paperwork the next day. However, the next day, one of my patients got discharged after I left my clinical shift. Would it be a HIPAA violation and would I get written up and reported if I go back and access their mr to finish writing their info for my clinical paperwork? 

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Ask your Medical Records person, but better still, ask the facility-designated HIPAA Coordinator. I think I remember that all HC facilities had to have one trained representative (?).

Put your request in writing with a simple explanation and ask for an OK. Get your response in writing. Altho your request is simple in its intention, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO ENTER THE MED RECORD WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORIZATION. Not even for your instructor, who like you, means no harm.

If you've been reading along here for a while, you will note that there have been several students/nurses found to have inappropriately opened the medical record. Their subsequent penalties have sometimes been quite SEVERE. 

HIPAA is federal law and facility reimbursement could be jeopardized. Serious BIG-TIME repercussions. Written up & reported? You could be expelled from school, and poss more.


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Don't go back into the medical record. It is better to get a low grade for the clinical day, a low grade on the assignment, look stupid you didn't get your work done, assignment half done, whatever, than to violate HIPAA and get kicked out. Don't do it.

I agree with the responses above. It would be a good idea to ask with your instructor rather than taking that risk. Best of luck!