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Student Nurse Externships NYC Summer 2013

by bdavis49 bdavis49 (New) New

Does anyone know of any extrenships available for Summer 2013 for first year nursing students? I am enrolled in a Nursing program in Georgia, however I am looking to do externships in NYC this summer, because I am moving there upon completion of my program.

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I do not know anything about the NYC programs, so hopefully someone will be able to help. If not, consider becoming a tech this summer.

Most hiring managers of externs prefer to hire their current CNAs and techs as externs. Also, externs usually are last year students (3rd and 4th semester in an ADN program) rather than 1st year students. Good luck!

Thanks, but I have been working as a tech for 2 years now. I'm truly interested in something that will prepare be a little better.

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OP: best of luck! You've chosen to move to a very saturated area, so it's wise that you start looking and planing now.

I know MSKCC has one up on their jobs website and visiting nurse service has a internship available now too

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this is great. i thought i was too late for this summer but it looks like they are still taking applications at a lot of places. thanks you very much!