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I'm a bit worried- I found out that I will no longer qualify for financial aid because I've exceeded the cap of semester hours completed- DESPITE THE FACT that I havn't TAKEN financial aid for all semesters taken! I can no longer afford to pay out of pocket for school.

I should qualify for a Pell Grant (I just got married), but I'm not sure how to apply.

I'm applying for scholarships now-- I would have before, but I never felt I deserved one. Well, since I swiched to nursing as a major, I've worked very hard and have achieved all As, and I feel I qualify for/ deserve a scholarship now.

Does anyone have any ideas of scholarships I could apply for?

I'm applying to the St. Vincent's Foundation, and the Brookwood Medical Center scholarship- but I'm afraid I'm not quite spectacular enough to recieve one.

I've been trying to get emplayment at a hospital- ANY hospital- for several months now. I know this is a bad time to be looking for a job, but I'll pretty much do anything for a company that will get me through school!

Any advice, tips, anything would be greatly appreciated!


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How about getting a loan? I know Brookwood pays back loan tution for nursing school. Good luck!


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But a loan from whom? I was denied federal loans- that's the problem.

But I do thank you- I wasn't aware that they would pay back loans.

I just need to get to a point where they can! I feel like i've been stopped in my tracks when I just got started!

I KNOW there's a solution- I just have to figure out what it is...


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private loan thru a bank.


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I just checked on a loan through a bank- The banks do it through the Federal Stafford loans as well, and they have to be listed as an apporoved lender. Jeff State has told me that they do not support private loans- because that information is still sent through the college for approval. Apparantly, that applies to Grants as well-- so my only option is to go to a 4-year, and even then, I'm not sure when my apporoval for aid would run out. I'm checking with UAB to see what their caps are-- I'm just not sure if I will be able to work (which I have to do) while attending their nursing program, which is only offered on a full time basis.

Oof. I guess I'm just looking for hope at this point. I don't want to be a customer service rep for the rest of my life-- I want to do something that makes a real difference!


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if you have a 401k plan you can borrow from that for school. Does jeff state have a payment plan they do at lawson.

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First, who says that if you take out a loan from a bank, that it has to be listed as a STUDENT loan. Just take out a personal loan, pick up the check/cash from the bank, sign all the paperwork, and take the cash to the school to pay for tuition (or put it into savings so that it will be there when you need it).

Second, to apply for a pell grant, go to, or whatever that website is, and fill out the online application. It walks you through it completely, and then your school will receive your information and allot what you are approved for, may it be grants, loans, etc, based on family income, etc.

Brookwood does pay back student loans, up to somewhere around 8000 dollars. I believe they also offer scholarships. Also, i am not sure where you live, but Trinity also pays back loans, offers scholarships, and seems to be hiring on a pretty regular basis. There are several openings at Shelby as well, and at Hillcrest (and psych pays much better). Most all assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the area hire regularly.

Keep your head up. There are opportunities out there, you just have to find them.

Do you mind if i ask how much you have left in school???


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First, I should say that the decision has been reached to go back to UAB- which I

pretty happy about actually. I think looking back, I gained what I wanted from jeff state, and I feel like this is just a Godly push in the direction I should be going. So, at least for now, I've found a solution.

I still have not been accepted into a nursing program. At UAB, I will be 5 classes away from finishing prereqs, while at Jeff State I only had one left. I would have been accepted to Jeff State nursing after this semester. (would have had 200/200 points in their system ) so, I still have a long way to go.

At least now, the degree I recieve will be the BSN I would have eventually persued anyway. And I get to play at UABs super awesome gym again.

I tried for the Pell at JSCC, but they flat out told me that I coulnt recieve any aid at all- all of the federal grants and loans go thru the school itself. Confusing as hell- And qualification really shouldn't be based on time spent. But, oh well.

Bank loans that aren'teducation based have higher interest rates, and payments won't be deferred until after school like with the federal.

I will still be searching for hospital type employment, and am still applying to all of these wonderful scholarships.

Thank you all so much for your awesome ideas, and letting me cry a little.

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