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Hello allnurses!

I am beginning clinicals in a few weeks and we have a long list of DON'TS as part of our footwear requirement. I am having trouble finding nursing shoes in the stores that fit this requirement. I would like something more modern too and not the traditional looking shoe. Any footwear suggestions or help would be appreciated!

List of Don'ts

No Crocs

No Croc-like shoes

No sneakers

No sneaker-like waves on sole

No sling backs

No clogs

No holes or heel showing

Requirement - white, working-service shoes. Argh!


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I have never understood the point of having such strict requirements on shoes for clinicals. What's the point??

Anyway, a lot of people around here wear these Timberlands:

They are a bit pricey for clinicals shoes, though. If the small blue heart wouldn’t get you in trouble, I know Nurse Mates make several styles that would suit your needs.

These are some closed in shoes by Klogs: Klogs Naples - Womens Leather Nursing Shoes - Orthotic Shop

I know they name says they are a Clog, but they have a back on them. I would probably go with those if I were shopping for this...Klogs have amazing cushioning and good support.

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I really don't understand why either but I don't want to make a big stink about it. Thanks for the info ladies!


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I like Merrell shoes for everyday so I bought a pair of jungle moc pros. Slip on's, white, very comfortable even with plantars fasc. I had to order them online. Silly that there are so many restrictions for clinicals, different in the "real world".

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such a big list of donts.....Timberlands are nice