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Student Loans not covered???


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So I have spoken with a nursing recruiter and was told the only school loans covered are undergraduate BSN student loans. It seems rather bizarre to me as you can only borrow 65,000 in undergrad according to my financial aid advisor. But, I wanted to ask if this was factual or not, or where/who I could talk to get more information.


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The payback varies each year depending on how bad we need to incentivize jobs. Generally, loan repayment will only cover the subsidized portion of your undergrad. T


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Which branch are you referring to?


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The paperwork I signed last week said that they will pay off my student loans if I am selected

limit to 65k for what type of loan? It sounds like you might be talking about a specific type of loan - perhaps stafford Loan? There are people who DO borrow more then that.. that being said I would HIGHLY recommend making sure that you are comfortable for a loan in excess of 65k should the army 'not work out' and you are holding that loan yourself. If that is the case I would find a different / cheaper route that you are comfortable taking a loan out on...

best of luck.

oh yeah.

and if we all believed everything a 'school counselor' told us.. we would be in a world of hurt. Please realize they do their best but you should be the most concerned for yourself and almost everything they tell you - you can find the primary source out via google and curiosity :)