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Hello fellow nurses. I have a dilemma here. I recently graduated LPN school and am now looking for someway to repay my student loan I borrowed from my current employer. I am an STNA working for hospice. I was just informed a few weeks ago that they did not have a position for me. They have already laid off one LPN. I have to have a years experience as a nurse before working for hospice, as a nurse. I have the option of transfering to one of our many ltc facilities in the area. Areas all being 50-60 min. away from where I live. And only paying $14.00/hr. Not gonna happen, I didnt go to school to make only $14.00/hr. If I quit my job they want me to pay back the $6843.00 I borrowed within 90 days or else it goes to collections. Is there any place out there that has a repayment program where if I work for them they can repay this loan?

Anyone familiar with Carestar? Do they have any kind of program that might be able to help me? They are really who I was wanting to hire in with after graduation.

Help.:cry: anyone have any suggestions?


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So your job paid for you to go to school for your LPN, but don't wont you to work as an LPN and keep you working as an STNA? wow.... i would've asked questions before signing my name on the dottit line, or you go part-time and work as an LPN else where for the time period you have to until the loan is forgiven, or simply inform your employer that you don't wont to lose your skills as an LPN and that you are eager to begin your career as an LPN that they assisted you with to show your appreication to them

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