student loan forgiveness and travel nursing


Hi, I'm a pretty new nurse and I'm looking into travel nursing. I have a lot of school loans and I plan on having them forgiven after 10 years through the PSLF program. My question is: if I did travel nursing, would my payments be qualified if the hospital is 501c3, or does the travel company have to be 501c3?


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Short answer is loan forgiveness is not compatible with travel. For more you can read the last few times this question was posted here.

It is also pretty easy to read the requirements for this program and rule out travel nursing as a potential solution.

A final tip for you is that it would be difficult to find any question that has not been asked repeatedly on Allnurses. Thus a search should always be your first step. Often Google will give better results for your keyword search than searching directly on Allnurses (who utilize a different search engine), and will also give you results outside of Allnurses as well.


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It seems as though many people consider travel to pay off their loans, or so that they can make a significant sum for a large financial purchase. That's one reason I'm looking into it myself.

You would be able to pay off your loans within a few years of travel most likely if you are frugal and choose the right assignments. Some agencies will pay to break your new grad contract and allow you to travel. That's not recommend though because you'd be starting without sufficient experience, it is an option though. I don't see why your payments would have to be qualified, you could just pay off your loans with your earnings or stipend money. Quicker and more direct.


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Sure, a major reason for travel is to get ahead financially. The OP is inquiring about a government program he/she would have to leave to travel. Certainly it is prudent to crunch the math and figure out if commitments like a new grad or internship or PSLF are better than breaking those contracts for alternatives.