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How interesting! Several people have said it's the peds that do the circs. Totally opposite here. NOT ONE ped does their own circ, it's always the OB's. Also, at my facility the CNM's aren't doing their own circ's. They are done by the 24 hour on call doc.



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Even though I chose not to have my son circ'ed I respect the parent's right to make an informed decision. Padding the circ board, using simple syrup on a pacifier, using a heart beat bear and encouraging the ped to use lido make me feel better about assisting.


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There is no medical reson that a circ has to be done, but as a nurse, I would support the decision that mt patient makes. the key is to educate the patient and then let them make their own decision. In GA the OB's do the circs.

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