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Stuck between a rock and a hard place

I have been working at an assisted living facility for over 5 year. I worked here as a CNA going through nursing school and now as a LPN. I love my job here. My dilemma here is that although I love my job I am not using my skills as a nurse I am still doing the same thing I did as a CNA. Yea as a CNA here I did med passes, we are a private facility...no state etc. It is a very small place. There are only 5 nurses total. One LPN the charge nurse and the rest are CNA's. I was having a hard time finding a job after nursing school so my boss took me on as a LPN with LPN pay (minimum of course) and Ive been here over a year as that. I was told I would be full time but that is not always the case. Im lucky if I get 32 hours a week. I have loads of loans and bills to pay. I guess the question I am asking here is I really love my job here and all my coworkers. My boss is great and any vacation or time off I need I get. On the other hand I am absolutely using none of my nursing skills. I am currently trying to get back into school, going to see how that pans out first. My question here is should I rough it out at the job I love with not so great pay thats a bit under 40 hours a week or go find a stressful job at a LTC unit with a consistent schedule where I can utilize my skills more, with better pay? Im so freaking confused!

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Someone please I really could use some advise


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Try applying and networking. See what's out there. Maybe pick up a prn job to supplement your hours at the place you love for the coworkers. So you can utilize skills and stay on board with a job you love for the time being. If you like the coworkers at the new place and they offer 40hrs, then you can make the switch

Liking your coworkers is a bonus. Find another job. The unprofessional behaviors resulting in you being trapped in your current situation demonstrate a lack of desire for your facility to assist you in advancing your skills or career. Keep the job while looking around for a new one.

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You love the job -- why would you even consider not staying? At some point, if you're not happy in your job, then think about leaving. Any nursing skills you've "lost" will be easily picked up during orientation to your new job. Life is short. If you're happy with your work, enjoy it!


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