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Stubborn pilonoidal cyst

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I have had a stubborn pilnoidial cyst wound that will not close up I have been operated on at least 5 times the last being a flap z-plasty which was done several years ago. however i have this wound that measures 2.5x3.5x4.4 in depth that has again been opened now fpr the last 3 months, we have tried aquacel, and now mesalt but neither is helped close the wound in fact i think it may have gotten worse. the latter we have been using for the last 3 or so weeks. i am wheelchair bound so i have been trying to stay off my butt as much as possible but it is hard when you use a chair to get around. we have also used the silver impermeated stuff also to no avail, my question is what should be the next step? My wound care nurses are at their wits end, i was thinking maybe a wound vac but the one nurse who also does my ostomy issues said that she does not have much luck with them in that area in a home care setting. Please help me i am about ready to give up i must also add the last time it was cultured it had MRSA in the wound.


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I feel for you. I've had pt's in the same boat. They can last awhile. Silver wound vac foam would work well. I'm a big fan of KCI's vac. I've done many on inpatient pilnoidial cyst's. I've used ostomy paste or strips to build up around the cyst - it marries the wound vac drape well. I wish you the best.

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I'm sorry that you are having such a chronic wound problem. However, we can't offer advice. All we can say is to see your provider. Possibly ask for a wound care clinic consult. Best of luck... hope it heals!! :)

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You've received some good comments here, hope they are helpful.

However we may not, as the previous poster indicated, offer medical advice (per our scope of practice and per this site's Terms of Service).

Please do take your concerns to your health care provider, and I wish you all the best with healing.

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