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struggling :(

Dshine Dshine (New) New

Hi everyone,

I am new to this, I just want to share my ideas and get to know other nursing student out there who are also struggling in studying.

this is my first year in nursing, it is nearly the end of our first semester, i am damn struggling doing all the assesments as ive missed out alot on lectures due to family problems. i could not concentrate, i was devastated n i didnt realised i have missed out on alot. i didnt do half of the assesments. i m soo scared to fail.

Does anyone have similar stories like mine?

please share your experience and stories here

many thanks


In my program, if you missed more than 7 hours per semester, they could drop you from the program. Therefore, we didn't ever miss much... If you missed a lot, I'd consider redoing the semester. It could really affect you next semester.

First semester in nursing is your fundamentals, correct? Was in mine. Anyway, everything you will learn in nursing is all based on your fundamentals. This is the semester where you may have to learn new studying strategies and test taking skills. You will also have to learn ways to organize your personal life and your school life. And if you miss too much information and do end up going on to the next semester, understanding theory and clinicals will be that much harder.

I'm going to disagree. At least, in my bachelor's program, if you screwed up a lot in fundamentals (or what we call foundations) then you could learn it in later courses if you paid attention. The resident associate's degree program uses the same foundational curriculum so it'd apply to them as well. Our foundations was largely common sense communications and cultural stuff with a smattering of "skills" that we never get to use or hospitals don't care about thrown in to boot. What little that we covered in regards to physiology is readily picked up in your higher acute care courses. If you pass you'll be ok.


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