Struggling with Pre Requisites, time to throw in the towel?

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I'm a LVN, I've been working as one for nearly over 5 years now. Unfortunately I listened to some bad advise and didn't just continue working on my education after I graduated and here I am, no closer to my RN. I've taken the same A&P class (different instructors, study methods etc) and cannot pass much less get the A that nursing schools are seeking. I love being a nurse and so much of what I feel a passion for requires that RN. Are there other options? I'm about ready to try the Achieve Test Prep to get through some of these classes but I'm not sure. I don't want to waste time and money and I feel like the next time I take it should be the last. I've taken almost a year off at this point to deal with some other high stress stuff in life.

I wish I could continue working my way up to RN, I started as a CNA, and now I feel stuck. I'm only 33 but it feels like I'm eons older than the majority of people around me.


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I would highly recommend you search this site for posts on Achieve Test Prep. That being said, you got through LVN school, so I know you can do this. That being said, what changed?


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I mean, it's been a lot of life since then. I've been looking at Achieve and was feeling pretty confident in doing that but then came on here and saw all the negativity about it... I mean I understand what it is and it seems perfect for what I want, which is to get my RN.

I'm almost 10 years older now with more bills and a full time job. To get my LVN I pretty much just holed up, didn't see friends, rarely family, and just went to school. I guess I'm just feeling more self doubt now.

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