Strong Medicine made me gag!!!


did anyone happen to catch the show strong medicine last was about the rape of a female dr named lu...omg i wanted to barf...this is the first time l've seen this show, but i thought nurses were poorly represented....i remember one nurse handing the md a cotton swab during the exam.......then l think l saw a few of them scurrying around while the big heroic dr's shouted out orders...........i mean is it any wonder the interest in becoming a nurse is shrinking like the family jewels in cold water? i am also a sexual assault nurse examiner and i can tell you no md l know of wants to touch these exams with a 10 foot pole...they take at least 4 hours to complete....what er doc is gonna do that?..with all these bogus attempts to bolster interest in nursing......johnson&johnson...."i am a nurse, i saved a life." well you could never prove it by watching theses lame medical shows.....why don't they just say, "i'm a nurse, today l handed a cotton swab to the great almighty dr." (swoon) anyone else get hot under the collar about this....i actually logged on to the life time website and e-mailed them pretty much everything l've said in this post.....then l posted it on their message board.......l think we should bombard their message board...l also suggested they log onto this site for a reality check:( well that's all now, l'll let you know if l get any


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l.rae, I've caught the show a couple of times and was also not impressed with it. But I haven't seen a show yet that truly captures what nursing is. Yes, it does make me angry.

Let us know what you hear.



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That is why I don't watch any of the medical shows on TV. Even "Trauma: life in the ER" is skewed because of the cameras and everyone's attending to their screen presence. If I watched any of this drivel, I would get mad. Gary


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I boycotted medical shows, for all of the above reasons, years ago. The final straw was when I saw an episode of "Trauma: Life In the ER" that featured a local hospital and this complete a--hole of a chief resident with whom I used to work. He was so concerned with being Mr. Suave, and being "cute" that I had to give it up. I couldn't believe that this show would stoop to such lows by feeding into his pompous attitude.


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i also never watch these shows, gave up on the trauma:life in the er also....i happened to catch this strong med. episode because i was sitting with my lap top and didn;t want to get up and find the it kind of caught my attention because of the rape story line and l'm a relativly new sane....actually they did a half way decent job of portraying the rape exam protocol with exception that the md did it....that's ludicrous!....... not only do i not watch medical shows, all of my friends/family who do refuse to let me within hearing distance of the tv when they are on....not that l want to be. my brother once asked me if we run along side of the gurney as the squads roll in shouting orders...l almost laughed in his face.......reminded me of a third rock episode..but that's another

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