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Does anyone work in stroke neurology? I started this as my first position..was called into office last week, told "I wasnt getting it." So after 60 days im on a probationary period. Im a brand new grad as of Aug. Was a great ICU nurse, and have been told ican come back. I dont want to be a quitter and I don't want to be a failure. does anyone know of any good neurology books to read.

because floundering on the Internet searching for stroke neurology guidelines isn't working. Thanks!


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Do you actually like the field? Dont consider you being a quitter, because sometimes its best to "quit while you 're ahead", rather than you be escorted out during or after probation. If you do like it, then you will have to be committed to proving yourself and others that you are learning fast and being competent. If you are struggling...look elsewhere where things flow more naturally. You can always use the was not a good fit.

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Were you given any specifics on what you need to improve on? Was a plan discussed on how to improve? It sounds like there is a dearth of leadership and direction and they are setting you up in a no win situation. May be a situation where they don't know how to bring someone up to speed, what training/mentoring they need to provide for you to become a successful provider in your office. Have they had NP providers before? New grads? Is there anyone else you can talk to who has gone through a similar situation to yours in their office?


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Agree with previous posters. You are not being treated well and I think you should look around. If they were not specific about what they say as need for improvement, telling you that "you are not getting it" sounds hostile and unsupportive and I agree to quit while you are ahead.


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If you are truly interested in stroke neurology this info may be helpful. I believe the Net Stroke program at was originally affiliated with UAB's stroke program, but it provides online stroke education and a week long fellowship at a stroke center. Then one could take the Advanced Neurovascular Practitioner certification at Association of Neurovascular Clinicians. Maybe this info will give you the background you need and show your superiors that you are willing to invest in you own preparation, even if they are not.


140 Posts have come such a long way to allow yourself to be treated that way. It's very demeaning. Just look for a job quietly and move on. There is always something to learn even from a failed job. I went through the same when I first started nursing in the USA. I am foreign trained but from a first world country. The nurses disliked me from the word go because I had a BSN and the rest were LPNs. They did not want such a young person to supervise them. It was a job from hell. I cried everyday on my way home. I left as soon as I found a new job. The director there gave me a brilliant recommendation because she knew I was being unfairly targeted. I excelled at my second job and was offered a unit manager position. The first job taught me a lesson; to be able to empathise with anyone in future who may be in my shoes and to always treat people fairly. I pray for you that you find a new job before they show you the door. Human beings can be so heartless. Am sure you will be appreciated somewhere else. As someone said, you lack the support you need to make a good Neurology NP. Most hospitals work towards Stroke certification and they are always reassessed for recertification. You don't want to be the reason the facility loses their ceritification. They will come down hard on you because it will cost them a lot of money and prestige. If you genuinely suck at your job (not coz of a fault of your own because you are not being well oriented), just move on and find a place that's ready to bring you up to par. You would rather be quiter and get a place where you are safe.

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Thanks everyone. We had another meeting was given guidance and a book suggestion but I'm still cautious and secretly looking. A lesson learned the environment needs to be supportive of a new grad. Just like in the previous post, i've always been in the corner of the one being picked on and stood up for the downtrodden. This is just a stepping stone for the perfect job. ☺


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Hi canchaser! I am fairly new to allnurses and unable to private message yet. I hope you don't mind me contacting you via one of your threads. I have read some of your previous posts from years ago when you gave advice on CRNA school and you were initially planning on becoming an FNP. I was especially intrigued about your plan for specializing in Dermatology and opening your own med spa with laser abrasion. Wondering what changed your plans. I, that might be a great option for myself it my spouse (who does well in accounting/finance) took the plunge and moved to somewhere in the Caribbean. Lofty dreams...

I am a fairly new nurse. Graduated from an accelerated nursing program in August 2013 after previously graduating from respiratory therapy school and working as an RT while getting my BSN. I have had the lofty plan/idea of becoming a CRNA for a while now (however, the plan is definitely up in the air). Currently, I work in an LTACH setting and have tentative plans of bumping up the intensity by eventually moving on to ICU. I say tentative because, I am just not sure about the route to take. I am interested in a higher level of nursing practice but weighing the stress involved, length of program (many are converting from 3 yr to 5 yr programs), cost (already heavily in debt from degrees before respiratory), time from family, if I will be choosing the "right" discipline that will be satisfying to me, compensation,...makes for a lot of uncertainty.

I have enjoyed reading your posts and the advice you give. I sure hope things are going better in your career and that it is bringing you satisfaction. Thank you reading my post and considering a response to it.