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I need some info on waiting to get ATT, I graduated from a practical nursing school in june, our forms and transcripts were all submitted day after graduation to the OBN. I had three charges when I was 18 (14 years ago). Two were dropped which were felonys, non drug related/non violent, to make a long story short I had a boyfriend who picked me up in a new truck, it was stolen i was unaware of it being stolen, They stopped us and I was arguing with the police officer when he was arrested my boyfriend, I was young and dumb, got arrested for the motor theft and Hindering a police officer, it happened in two different counties, truck was stolen in one, got arrested in another. Ok, so the boyfriend wrote me a letter stating he knew I didn't know it was stolen and he was so sorry, well I gave that to the DA, charges were dropped both counties for the motor theft. but, the hindering stayed, but I was guilty of that took responsibility for that. All my classmates have received their att's but myself and another classmate because of he also had some charges like DUI and something else with alcohol. I expected to test late so that is not a surprise to me. My classmate received a letter stating that the boards attorney is reviewing his paper work and a nurse investigator will contact him soon. I have received anything at all. I am getting worried, I called the board once just to ask and they said mine has went for further investigation, but my classmates has too. I was young and dumb, I made some horrible mistakes when I was young but does it help to not even have a seat belt ticket on my record since than? I learned my lesson and I payed the price for those actions. Can anyone give me any feed back if they have know any information? I would greatly appreciate it because daily I check my mail, my email and nothing. I do not want to call the board anymore because I do not want to bother them.. I know I need some patience, but this is so scary.. Thank you for any advise or words of encouragement.