i am so stressed out pls. help!!!

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i am so stressed out lately and i quit my job so i can study for my exam. is one month enough to study? last year i took the RN exam and i did'nt make it and i stopped studying again and now i gonna start study again and i'm totally stressed? pls. give me some advice what will i study for now. is it content or Q&A is better!!!


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I'm sorry you are so stressed out! I started working PRN at my job so I could study. My advice would be to get an NCLEX study guide book (maybe, Lippincott?). Don't stress too much! When you study, read the content, and then talk it over with yourself (to make sense of it). Like "So when someone has x disease, their body will do x" or "x medication is a (beta-blocker, etc.), it does x to the body, a therapeutic effect would be x". RN NCLEX tests not really what you know, but mainly how you apply it.

;) Good Luck!!!


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i know how you feel, i was told to practice questions, to act like i was actually sitting at the test center taking the questions. practice, practice, practice. I have also heard that kaplan is the best to study for redoing the exam. i just took mine for the first time and i don't feel very good about it yet cause i am still waiting for the results, this is the longest week of my life. take a couple hours out of your day and just pop in a cd and start practicing, so that when you go in to take it again you'll be ready for whatever is in front of you. be sure to focus on critical thinking skills and prioritization skills. know that airway, breathing, circulatory, maslows hiarchy of needs, assessment is always before implementation and so on. kaplan focuses on all these concepts and teaches you how to apply them. good luck to you, and stay positive.

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I'm guessing you're talking about NCLEX. Or I missed it somewhere.

One month is plenty of time. Remember to focus on strategies more than actual content. Nobody can know everything the NCLEX throws at you.

Take time for yourself as well...hobbies, exercise, time with friends. Don't burn yourself out. The vast majority of people still pass the first time.


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Listen 2 all the above advice. Two nursing resources that helped me with NCLEX was the blue Kaplan book ($35) and Saunder's Comprehensive Review. Kaplan didn't have that many computer Q's but it was great because it showed U strategies on how 2 answer the NCLEX Q's. Saunder's was great w/ answering computer Q's. I worked full-time (12h shifts). I would only study on my days off. I answered the computer Q's until it made me sick. Just remember to NOT study 2 days prior to your test date. During these 2 days, do something relaxing and enjoyable 2 re-energize your brain. Anyways.... I'll B saying a prayer 4 U. We know that U can do this. Take care and good luck!!!!


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thanks WARHAWK and for those who reply to my message. your advised makes me feel good at least..... thanks a lot!! anyway, about WARHAWK i have KAPLAN book and SAUNDERS you telling me. the saunders i have is the comprehensive book and i am reading it and doing the computer cd test. how long did you study for the CD Q's coz i have 1month till my exam. do i have to study the CONTENT or just focus on Q&A drills?? again , thanks a lot for you guys!! may god bless you always!!! bye ! :D


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Yes...one month is good amount of time to study. Since U will not B working, take advantage and study everday. When U study on the Saunder's book, I would recommend studying the computer Q's w/ rationales. Devote all your time on those comp. Q's 2 program yourself on answering NCLEX style Q's. Hope this helps and again... Good luck 2 U. We are rooting 4 U!!!

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I apologize. Apparently I didn't read the whole original post. Ok, this is the second time you're taking it. But that's ok. Make it to your advantage. You have a fair idea of how the NCLEX works now. Read those books, and apply them to what you already know.


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use a notebook. leave it next to your computer and everytime you run across something new or you vaguely remember, write it down. Just write write write. And whenever you leave the house to go do something, take that notebook with you and open it and read it when your sittling somewhere with down time like a doctor's office, etc. . if you wake up in the morning with a disease name in your head (studying will do that to you) and you can not identify the information that you learned, get up and look it up. if you can't find it in your little journal notebook, get out your medsurge book. This has truely helped me. I did this for three months after failing the first time. This last test was a homerun. I think I would be a little stressed if I only had one month, than again, i think I'm a little slow to catch on to acedemics. Good luck to you.

my advice: you know the content. Concentrate on the language of the questions. Can you pick out what they are "really" asking? Good luck!!


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My question is ...

Do you think you are going to pass with so much worry in your head?

Sit back and relax, you go in to take a test stressed to the max, you're going to forget everything.

All I did before I took my test was review Lippincott, over the areas I knew I needed to review over. Don't waste your time on things you know.

And relax!

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