Stressed Out LPN Dialysis Orientee

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am a LPN and have been for over 30 yrs. I recently accepted a position in Dialysis and started in March 5,15. Since that time I have been sent to Disaster training, Hazmat training, and am still being taught the dialysis machines, stringing, the water controls, making bicarb.

I miss getting my machines into test mode frequently. Hard as I try I keep making little stupid mistakes. I am on a final, I have until 7/30/15 to be able to set up all machines on dialysis day perfectly, have no break in putting pt on or taking them off and no breach in sterile technique or I am hx.

I have never felt so rushed and so belittled. The fact is the unit lost two long time employees at the same time as I started, then another nurse who had dialysis experience only worked here a month and left for a better position. The remaining 3 are tired of taking call and they need me to take on-call time and ICU time. I am so scared of failing what can I do to help myself?

Dear Dialysis LPN,

It's very hard to learn when you feel rushed and belittled, combined with a deadline. That's a lot of stress.

Your orientation by end of July will have been ...18 weeks or so? It sounds like they wanted a new person up and running and able to take call to replace the employees who left. They may not be willing to extend the training period much longer.

Sometimes when things aren't working out as you describe, it's a sign that the job is not right for you. When you see the writing on the wall, it's time to start looking for another job. You will feel more in control if you make it your decision whether or not to stay, and if you have a plan.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth