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Hello Everyone!

Has anyone ever attended Stratford University in Fairfax, VA for the BSN Program? If you have, please let me know how it was. There's a good chance I might be going there in October. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



I just applied there today and may be going in May. Just like you, I am looking for information on whether or not it is a good program etc. It's so much more expensive than the community college!! Let me know if you hear anything about it!!!

I heard the BSN program is a new program they just started last October. I currently reside in Southern California and if I take the Teas Exam and pass with a 78, they said they will accept me. I know it's pretty pricey but not as pricey as California. They have a school here called West Coast University where you can get your BSN in 3 1/2 years, but it's 120,000! No way! Luckily, I have the Post-911 GI Bill which covers a good portion if I go to Stratford. If everything goes right, I'll be attending there in August. It'd be nice to know someone there! Write back.

This is good timing because I just went there today to sit in on a class and get an idea of the students and the teachers etc. :-) Stratford is a rather small school - it's only one building in fact. It looked like the nursing department was practically only one small hallway on the 2nd floor. Great for small class sizes and a very personalized experience. The class I sat in on was a basic nursing class and had maybe 20 people. I also noticed another class (anatomy and physiology maybe) had only about 5 people in it. The teachers that I met or saw passing through the hallway looked like very nice people. Dr. Khan is also very nice - he's the head of the department. The students are definitely on the older side. I'm 26 and I felt like the youngest person there by a long shot. It is also very diverse. I heard lots of different accents from the students in the class. Average age in that class - I would guess maybe 35? The school also does this delayed billing thing where they don't send you a bill until 6 months AFTER you graduate - which is awesome if you are like me and already have student loans from my first undergrad experience. I feel like it hasn't really developed a reputation like the other local schools (Marymount, George Mason, Georgetown, even NVCC - the community college). That has me a little nervous - but it definitely has it's appeal in certain areas (billing, the local area, the small/personal size etc, the 10 week quarters). I think with the program being new - it makes it a little easier to get in too. I just went there on Friday to visit the school for the first time and apply - he basically told me right there on the spot that I would be accepted. If you have any other questions about it or the area - just let me know! I'll definitely keep in touch with anything new I find out and I'll let you know how it is when I actually start attending in May. For 120,000 - yeah - that's definitely not worth it!!

Hi everyone,

I'm also interested in Stratford's BSN nursing program. I went there this past Tuesday and spoke to Dr. Khan, who was very nice and explained a bit about the program. I'm kind of worried that maybe employers would hire based upon where you went to nursing school at. However I did call a couple of hospitals and they said that they do not discriminate against where you went to school. I was going to NOVA but I'm unfortunately going to miss the deadline for the fall program. I like the idea of stratford considering you are working towards your BSN and not just your Associates degree. Hopefully I'm not making a mistake by not doing NOVA's program because they are quite respectable. Have any of you taken the TEAS? I'm trying to get prepared to take it by this May so I can get into the fall program at Stratford. Hwcats if you have any advise or answers for me that'd be great, I think I might try to sit in on a class if I can. Who knows, maybe we will see eachother in class lol.



hwcats67, have you taken the TEAS?

That was a good idea calling local hospitals - hadn't thought of that!

As for the TEAS - I did take that last year at NVCC. Got an 82.4%. Not all that great but Dr. Khan said it was fine. For studying - I recommend the study guide although I just went to the library and used a GED study guide. NVCC does seem to have a good program - but to be honest...when I went to visit the school last year, I just didn't get good vibes from it. No real reason on why - just didn't feel right. I also know someone who used to work in there and they seemed unimpressed with the school in general. So yes - NVCC is a LOT cheaper. But Stratford seemed easier to get in to. And with it being a fairly new program - I'm sure in time, it will become more well known in the area.

However - to be honest - if you liked NVCC and felt like it was a good fit - I would go there simply because of the price. They have a spring start too don't they? But definitely go and see if Dr. Khan will let you sit in on a class before making up your mind either way. Also consider what you are looking for in a school. NVCC has a larger program and therefore more students. And think about age as well. I felt a bit out of place at Stratford because I'm only 26 and it seemed like everyone was much older.

All that said - I do think that all the teachers seemed really nice and supportive. I could definitely sense a strong camaraderie between them. But check out a class and meet some of the teachers. OH - and another thing - Stratford does clinicals at the Virginia Hospital Center which is super convenient for me. Not sure about NVCC but might be something worth looking into. If after all that - you're still unsure - doesn't NVCC do a spring start?

And anyhow - if you decide to give Startford a try - you can always change if you end up not liking it!

Hope that helps - feel free to ask any other questions you might have.


Hi, thank you for your post. Thats a good score on the TEAS, I'm very stressed out over getting ready to take it due to the short amount of time that I need to take it by. I went to NVCC's medical campus to get more info on the nursing program but they made it seem like it was such a hush hush program, and they just told me to go online, even though I already had all the info that they offered online. They wouldn't even tell me the times and days for the program either. When I went to Stratford, it seemed more friendly, plus I kind of like going to smaller classes considering you could get more attention from the teacher. I'm 24, and NVCC is ok but I don't care much for being around some of the immature party people. Even though I could save a lot of money at NVCC, I'd haveta wait a whole year from this fall that is if i even get accepted into the program, since I've missed the deadline for this coming fall program. I've already taken almost all the of the pre-reqs for NVCC, so Dr. Khan said all of those such as anatomy and physiology, and microbiology etc.... will transfer to Stratford.



Sounds like Stratford may be perfect then for you! I had the same feeling at NVCC - they definitely weren't all that helpful. And with the average age at Stratford - I'm sure that everyone is there for one purpose only. With all the questions the students were asking in the class I observed - I could definitely tell that they weren't messing around this time with school. You'll be fine on the TEAS I'm sure - especially with just having taken some science prereqs. I did ok and I hadn't taken most science classes since HS. I only studied for about a month anyhow and only rigorous studying in the last week.

Have you checked out Marymount at all? I applied there but it'll be a little over a month before I hear back. I definitely liked it there and the price is about the same. It's a 2 year accelerated 2nd degree program. Their 2nd review deadline is in April so if you're interested, it's not too late. And if you got above a 3.0 I think, in college, then you don't have to take the TEAS. You might want to check it out. :-)

hwcats67.. So are you attending Stratford in May? I'm taking the TEAS the end of this month. Cross my fingers.. hopefully I can pass. Dr. Khan said I need a 78 % to pass. Than I have to get ready for the big move from west coast to east coast!

Well, it's official. I will be starting the week of May 24th. :-) Got my letter in the mail on Wednesday. I'm a teacher right now and school isn't out until June 17th so I'll only be taking 2 classes in the first 10 week session. Medical Terminology and A&P.

Justjenn562 - did you take your TEAS yet?

Congratulations!!! That's GREAT news! I took the TEAS exam 3 weeks ago

and scored a 68% :( BOO! I did not study at all! I work full time and

I go to 2 different schools.. taking 3 classes at one school and

attending CNA classes on the weekends. So I don't have much time to

study! I'm scheduled to take it next Thursday and I ordered the ATI

manual online and HAVE not been able to study. I'm freakin out and I

think I'm just going to schedule to take it for a latter date, but I

REALLY want to attend the August session :( I did HORRIBLE on the

science portion of it and I skimmed through the ATI manual and they

don't have anything on geology, Newton's Law, and some other stuff. How

did you prep up for the test?

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