Strange felony, how hard will it be to find a job?

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Hi from san antonio texas!

I have a felony on my record. I did'nt hurt anyone, I did'nt use or sell drugs, and I did'nt steal anything. My horrible felony is...brace yourself for this folks, GRAFFITI!

Long story short, when I was 17 (yes im 100% sure its on my record as a adult) I went into a boys bathroom at school and wrote stuck in wall send help, just a joke at the time, but texas justice was swift. I was convited of felony grafitii.

Im about to enter a CNA program, and hopfully after I finish my prereqs get get into a RN program. My mom and brother are both RN's. My question is how hard is it going to be to get a job as a cna, or RN? I have never really had any trouble and even have military clerence to work on a military base.

Thanks guys!

You need legal advice before you go into anything in the legal field. Background checks are a basic requirement for any position and there will be PLENTY of applicants without a felony.

Try to get your record expunged you could even present your case yourself.

Best of luck!

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