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Strange Depressions Under Skin


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My 15 year old daughter has these depressions under her skin. They look like light purple or lavender colored bruises. When you touch one, it feels like an air pocket underneath the skin, or upside down blister if that makes sense. Very hard to explain. I've never seen anything like it as a nurse. Some of them hurt a little when pushed on. She keeps developing more of them all over her body. She saw a pediatric dermatologist, infectious disease, her pediatrician and her neurosurgeon. None of them know what they are or what could cause them. I can't find anything online about them either. Anyone have any ideas?

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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You need to get another opinion. Per the terms of service we all agreed to when signing up we agreed to neither ask nor offer medical advice. Based on your description it would be impossible to even guess what is going on in an anonymous Internet forum


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JustBeachy is correct, you need to seek another opinion. We cannot possibly give you, per Terms of Service, the medical advice you seek.

We hope you can get to the bottom of this ...

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