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I need to take a College Algebra course and straighter line seems to be the best bet.My questions is my C.C. is listed on the ACE participating colleges and just want to get the feel to see what credit transcript people are using , who are using straighterline.Thanks all

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I can't speak to the transferability of the straighterline course. However, many schools will give you an academic waiver on the math requirement if you can successfully pass the required math level on an assessment test. Your other option is to CLEP the math, if you need credits.

The school I'm going to won't accept math credits older than 2 years. They have a requirement of Intermediate Algebra to apply to nursing school. 18 years ago, I took College Algebra, Trignometry & Calculus. Since I had higher math and passed the assessment test, they gave me an academic waiver for the math requirement. My math grade won't count towards my GPA to get into nursing school...but I'm also not stuck having to re-take a math class.

Check with your school and see what they will & will not accept.


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I checked with two community colleges in Orange County,CA- Santa Ana college and IVC (which is my school) and they wont accept it since they are not regionally accredited only nationally which is a complete bummer


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OK.So here is the deal i got with my transcript officer at my C.C. I sent her an email stating i took a math course which was transcribe by ACE and would like to know if this would transfer in.She then asked for a course description and i sent her the PDF that straighterline had on their site for college algebra.She said it would transfer in as long as it was a C or better.I also thought that by me threatening to transfer in so many words help moved the process.Schools need students they want these seats filled and you continuing on there so give it a shot everyone.Thanks

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Glad to know they will accept the credit...good luck with the rest of your courses :)