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Straight to BSN or RN to BSN to save money?


I am 18 years old and currently at my community college taking nursing prereqs as a pre-nursing student. However, I visited my friend that is a junior in nursing school at a four year college and I fell in love with her college. My parents are giving me $10,000 a year for college and that's it, and the four-year college I fell in love with is about $20,000 per year. However it will take longer to do RN to BSN than to go straight for my BSN.

I really just want to know if I should either take the RN to BSN route or go straight to BSN.

Pros and cons of each:

RN to BSN:


+easier (more like baby steps than straight to BSN)


Straight to BSN:




+"college experience".

Thank you so much for anyone that can give me any advice whatsoever. Have a blessed day!!!

I just want to say that the rn to bsn route is not necessarily easier. In both schools, youre going to be learning the same material, however in an associates degree program, youre moving at a faster pace. If I were you, I would go to the bsn school. Keep in mind, the earlier you graduate, the sooner you start working as a nurse, and the more money you will make. Try applying for scholarships to cut the cost down!

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Getting it all done in one shot is easier- how many people say "I'll go back to school" but then life interferes? Additional consideration- what is the job market in your area? Are there jobs for those without a BSN? In areas where there is a surplus, many facilities are requiring applicants to have a BSN. Something to research.