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Does anyone know if hospitals typically use baby size body bags when a preemie is born too soon or a baby is still born? When I transported a deceased patient to our place bodies are stored last week, my coworker (actually the person I was precepting) saw some red biohazard bags on the shelves and inquired about what they were, and we were informed by security that these were the remains of too-early preemies and stillborns. Maybe I'm too sensitive but my heart dropped when he told us that. He said they wrap them in blankets when they bring them down and all, but really? A trash bag? If this is common practice then so be it, but surely some company makes little baby body bags? If so, I would press whoever is in charge of those issues at my hospital to start using them... thoughts?

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Where I work the maternal child/L&D unit uses small Styrofoam boxes that are lined with blankets; the baby is placed inside clothed and the top is secured with tape. They get their own freezer table as well.

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We have infant-sized shrouds. They don't exactly fit the micropreemies. They all get a biohazard sticker on them as well. They go in them regardless of whether they're going for autopsy (different morgue) or being released to a funeral home. We wrap them in a blanket over the shroud before taking them downstairs. Honestly, they're not much better than a biohazard bag.


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Our babies go in small coffins and stay in the morgue in those until they go to the path lab/funeral home/crematorium. The whole process is awful but just know, from an L&D nurse who has cared for many many deceased little ones of all sizes: we do our very best to give them kind, loving, gentle care until they are released from our charge.

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It depends on the gestation and circumstances at my facility. If it is more the products of conception removed during a D and C or similar procedure, then a biohazard bag is used. Usually if the loss is later, the small styrofoam coffins are used - blankets inside but the remains are bagged and labeled w/biohazard stickers. Our morgue storage is weird so I don't think there's a separate area or anything but all involved do their best to be sensitive and respectful.